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Skin of Driifter.png
Profile Information
Aliases Drifter
Nation Kush flag.png Republic of Kush
Town Revenant
Towny Rank Councillor
Occupation Councillor of Kiir
Political Party
Religion 1200px-Isis.svg.png The Cult of Isis
Spouse(s) Noahser
Spawn Information
Date of Spawn 31st July 2020
Place of Spawn Central Africa
Physical Information
Nationality Filipino
Gender Female.png Female
Blood Type
Zodiac Aries
Status Information
Status Active
Server Role Player
Date of Ban
Nation History
Flag-0.png Nubia

Kush flag.png Republic of Kush

Driifter (formerly Driiftermoo1119) is the mayor of Revenant, former councillor in Kiir, former Nubian Minister of Municipal Development and the former Minister of Cultural Affairs. She first joined on the 31st of July 2020, quickly joining Kiir and rising the ranks to become a councillor.



Upon joining the server in late July 2020, Driifter was messaged by gorkymoo1119 (then Nubian Minister of Municipal Development and known as 57gorky) regarding joining a town. She accepted gorkymoo1119's offer for someone to help her. Gorkymoo1119 proceeded to message Noahser to add her to Kiir. After this, she accepted the invite.

Becoming active

Driifter would remain active, working by herself, for the next few days. She would then get involved in the community, speaking with other Nubians, especially her mayor, Noahser. This encouraged her to keep active on EarthMC.

Time in Kiir

Driifter started helping Noahser with the development of Kiir. She provided resources and help in building, brought in animals to the town with the help of Mengan_ and Starkiller1744, and built a few automated farms underground. Driifter stayed as a Builder and Recruiter, but couldn't get the chance to become a councillor. From Noahser's point of view, his reasons were because the highest role he allowed to give is "Trusted" and he feared that something similar to the Kraftier Raid might happen. It took some time before he fully trusted Driifter and made her councillor at Late October, making her the second councillor after Lopile.

Afterwards, she started making plans for Kiir's further development. Few of the plans were helping the town reach 200 chunks and fixing the southern area for residential plots.

Entry into politics

After learning that Nubia held monthly elections, she became interested in running and somewhat involved in politics. She first ran for a position in the November 2020 elections, running for Minister of Municipal Development and Minister of Cultural Affairs. However, she would lose to the incumbents, gorkymoo1119 and Thee_Boss.

She would not run again until the January 2021 elections, which she would go onto win as a result of her high activity and involvement within the Nubian community.

Minister of Cultural Affairs

As Minister of Cultural Affairs, she would further involve herself in the community and help sort out issues between Nubians. She would also survey Nubians thoughts regarding EarthMC. Her tenure would last from the 1st January 2021 until the 1st February 2021, upon losing the February elections.

Minister of Municipal Development

Driifter would go onto win the March Nubian elections. She would help fund towns during her time as Municipal Development Minister, however would resign on the 13th March 2021, with UsualKostas being appointed Minister of Municipal Development after her.

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