The following events occurred during the Divine Era


  • After multiple battles during the First Epoch, the political system begins to stabilize.
  • Many server issues are patched and resolved
  • Nations are increased to 1024g, to reduce the amount in the future
  • Towns are being created more frequently, and developing quickly
  • Several Youtubers, Fix, and Salc1 begin to promote EarthMC and build hype
  • Massive Influx of players as a result, overcrowding, server performance issues
  • Donator only is activated for over 72 hours
  • Queue system is put in place, mixed reactions among the community


February 1st

  • Nation prices increased to 1000g

February 5th

  • Duel at Ross Ice Shelf (Norge, U.S.S.R)
  • Bolivia begins it's formation process.

February 6th

  • Tang elects new Emperor, Cloudy
  • Spanish Empire becomes a dominion of Byzantium

February 8th

  • Warsaw Pact collapses

February 9th

  • British Commonwealth stands at 7 nations
  • President of The United States, Fernie, resigns from his position.

February 11th

  • Prussia declares war on Poland
  • Intermarium Alliance collapses
  • Video based on the gold duping posted by SalC1 nets a whopping 388K views, bringing more people to the server.
  • Server is shutdown temporarily for patching a duplication glitch

February 13th

  • The United States falls

February 15th

  • Pacific States disband, claims removed by admins

February 17th

  • Beijing is created, joins Qin

February 18th

  • Nation of Norway disbands

February 19th

  • Nation of Alaska falls

February 20th

  • Bolivia nation is created.

February 22nd

  • Olympic Games are announced, with a joint-Africa bid set for March 16th, in North Africa

February 23rd

  • Video on EarthMC nets 602K views, bringing more people to the server
  • Video on Trumps Border Wall, nets 52K views, bringing more to the server also
  • Ireland is created in the British Isles, declares peacefulness
  • Irish leader expresses desire for treaty with Britain

February 24th

  • King of Miskan Rus, Dragon, resigns with Kyoris taking the throne

February 28th

  • 19th Annual Election of the Wabanki concludes, with EchoOcelot being elected leader.

March 1st

  • 1st annual election of Scotland concludes, Dexter1080p being elected Prime Minister
  • Nation of Spain falls
  • Battle at Szczecin, Poland between Polish and Prussian forces

March 3rd

  • Bolivia holds private presidential election
  • Japan-Alaska Royal marriage announced
  • Scotland declares war on Brazil, impeachment trials begin

March 4th

  • After a security issue, Runnerboy7200 deletes two years of EMC history after hijacking the Wabanaki Discord
  • Server population reduced from 140 to 120
  • Scottish Coup War begins

March 6th

  • Scottish governors are exiled, including their towns
  • Aragon becomes Spain, obtaining all Spanish land

March 7th

  • Server goes offline to move to a new server location

March 8th

  • Server has severe crashing problems, population declines
  • Queue world introduced
  • EarthMC set to Donor only
  • Japan declares Civil War

March 9th

  • A previously signed treaty between Great Roman Empire and Byzantium is revealed.

March 10th

  • The Nation of Finland falls
  • The Nation of Nunavut falls
  • Priority pass is introduced for the Queue World

March 15th

  • Server reopened to the public
  • Scotland is recreated, bring the Scottish Coup War to an end

March 16th

  • EarthMC Olympics kicks off in Numidia
  • It is announced that parts of the Olympics will be postponed due to the amount of players on the server
  • Scotland absorbs a Norwegian city
  • Sign shops broken

March 17th

  • SurfinNinja is elected Emperor of Japan

March 18th

  • The nations of Turkish Republic and Rum merge, presenting Grixwea as the new leader

March 21st

  • 10 deaths confirmed during The Battle Of Frenrir, where Magenet used a Sharpness 1000K axe to strike down opposing forces, with him later being temp-banned and the server shutdown for investigation
  • King of Gododdin, Dexter1080p, announces plans to take over territory in Norway
  • Denmark expands claims into Germany, rising tensions among the nations
  • The Burgundians do a mass migration to Cuba, and rename their nation to El Tropico.

March 22th

  • Scotland obtains The United States
  • Bolivia is reformed into "Bolivia-Peru" due to major expansions into real life Peru.

March 23rd

  • EMC Build Competition is announced
  • Nidavilir, a nation in Gododdin, is griefed by Norwegian soldiers, resulting in at least one ban
  • Chancellor of Nidavilir announces they no longer are interested in joining Norway
  • Treaty of Trinidad is signed by zeldafan00001 (leader of Amazonas) and VillagerFilms when a town that is close to Bolivia-Peru's town Trinidad, Oberhausen46, claims they will be making a nation:

a. Oberhausen46's nation (Amazonas) shall not make any towns SOUTH of Oberhausen46

b. Bolivia-Peru shall assist in the formation of Amazonas.

March 24th

  • King of Greenland is attacked in Sudan
  • The player, "characters", racks up over 14 kills in a 48 hour time period.
  • Britain announces colonization of the United States, in competition with Scotland

March 25th

  • The nation Kingdom of Iceland is created
  • United States is renamed to New Scotland, effectively moving the capital south to Nova Scotia
  • The nation Fjordane is created

March 26th

  • The nation Argentina falls into ruin and La Plata takes the name
  • El Tropico is renamed to Cuba

March 27th

  • Price of creating town raised to 64 gold
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