Dyraville is a the Capital and Largest city of Minnesota. It was part of Lacusmagnia for 3 to 4 months until Naruang, N_S_X, Sceptileplayz88, and rbkmustangsaly (GaryCD) created the Minnesotan Republic on November 2nd, 2019.


Early History

Dyraville was created by Naruang and was part of Lacusmagnia until the 2nd of November 2019 when it became the Capital of Minnesota.

Towns Section

City Centre

The City Centre is the first section that was built by the residents living there, inside it lies the spawn-point of the town, the tallest building of Dyraville, the potion shop, the National bank and the Stock Exchange.

North Section (Housing Zone)

The North Section is a Housing Zone which lies skyscrapers, Quackyhurdsell and Sceptileplayz88's workshops, farms and more.

East Section (Shopping Zone)

The East Section is the Shopping Zone, this section lies the Mall of America. The Mall of America is still under construction but open to the public, the biggest shop are:

  • Hot Topic (Selling Enchanted Books, God Tools, Wool and Dye)
  • Ore Shop (Selling Iron, Lapis, Diamonds, Emeralds, Coal, Redstone and Obsidian - blocks or ingots)
  • Reval Arms Corp (Selling cheap God Armors and Tools)
  • The Continental (Selling famous maparts)

South Dyraville (Section)

South Dyraville is the largest section of Dyraville, the manager, CornPlayz announced the 'One Month Plan' to make Sth Dyraville as a city such as the city centre, this section became the fastest growing section of Dyraville! It lies Town Hall, CornSafe Building, Sth Dyraville Bank, Dept. of Projects, Dept. of State and Dyraville Arena. Most of the residents lives in Sth Dyravile.

West Section (Farming Zone)

The West Section is the Farming Zone, it is mostly owned by the Leader, rbkmustangsally. The farming zone grows carrots, sugar canes, cactus and wheat. Not much is known here.

Notable People

These people in the list who lives in Dyraville are important people who help the Town to grow:

  • CornPlayz (Manager of South Dyraville) for growing South Dyraville.
  • BrainVonCraft (Mayor of Minneapolis) for helping South Dyraville grow.
  • dark_bears25 (Councillor of Dyraville) for helping South Dyraville grow.
  • Sceptileplayz88 (Councillor of Dyraville) for helping Dyraville grow. (Mainly between October and late November).

Past Leaders of Dyraville

  • Naruang (First Leader of Dyraville)
  • rbkmustangsally (Former Leader of Dyraville)
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