Dyrrhachium was founded on November 6th 2019 by Pres. It was the first thing he did after coming back from inactivity from March-October 2019.

'Founding' of Overlook

The first task for foundation of the city was to get a solid base. With his sister njsolomon, Pres claimed all of the former fort town of Forte_Carlos and started to revamp the old fort. It was renamed to the Castle of Overlook (a reference to the Black Company book series). Most of the cobblestone was replaced with stone brick, and a new flag was planted on top of the main tower. The cursed anime pixel art hanging above the area was also removed at this time.

The Destruction of Everything Albanian.

After securing and revamping overlook, Pres considered keeping the buildings of the former Albanian town Tirana in the town designs. However, after pressing F3 + G what he saw was a unmistakable tragedy. Every single Albanian house that could of taken up one chunk was actually in 3 or 4 separate ones. This lead him to one conclusion: The former Albanians were true barbarians and every build related to them needed to be destroyed. Pres then destroyed everything Albanian down to a certain y level, and covered the rest up with grass blocks. Today you can still find Albanian ruins, if you look underneath the city.

Dyrrhachium City Plans

Some old Albanian Architecture

Construction of the Walls

Overlook in all Its Glory

Pres, with his friend jasmls started laying out plans for the fledgling town. They decided to tear down most of the mountain north and west of Overlook. However, this task would take to long to be done by themselves. Pres brought in longtime friends Carlos, Giphillips, and Hicks to help. With his newfound aid, jasmls, and njsolomon, most of the mountain was cleared pretty quickly and most of the walls were finished in a month. Also with Ad31's help, a road system was constructed.

A Period of Inactivity

Starting in early march Pres and his friends went completely inactive, starting in February. The town however endured until his return in Mid May 2020.

The Return of the Dux

Pres upon his return, started to revamp the old road system, make new houses, and actively recruit, hoping to make Dyrrhachium one of the best towns in Hellas.

Political Status

Dyrrhachium is apart of the nation SPQR and under the Prefect of Hellas. It has been since its creation, and there it shall remain, a loyal bastion of the Greater Roman Empire.

Notable Members

Pres - Founder and builder of most of the current town.

njsolomon- Held Forte_Carlos originally and helped with the revamp of Overlook.

jasmls- Helped plan the town, and flattened terrain.

Carlos- Gathered a lot of gold to help fill in the border of the town. Created the stone smelting factory on the footsteps of overlook. Also helped with flattening terrain.

Giphillips- Helped get gold and flatten terrain.

Hicks- Helped get gold and flatten terrain.

*Note All notable members showed up and died valiantly in Qql's wedding.

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