The EarthMC 1.15 update brought these changes:

  • The game is in java version 1.15.2 now
  • Nation leaders do not have orange name tags anymore, they now have a '(K)' after their name for King
  • Server size was reduced to 125 (may be 150 but can't check atm.)
  • A random player named Chckn was given mod after playing for 3 hours.
  • Server render distance is lower
  • Lag happens more often
  • Queue bugs started happening for ~3 days after update
  • Gold crates changed to give even LESS gold. (average gold from 2 is now around 5-7)
  • Many server restarts took place for the first 2 days
  • Bamboo becomes luxury item

Community Backlash

For awhile, the top post on r/EarthMC was "I've never had this much problems with queue from the youtuber invasion." with him at around 50/100, this mostly happened because the server size was reduced to 125 again like it was in the Hype era and before, but this time, there were too many players and now there was around 10-50 players waiting in queue with priority access, on a WEEKDAY.

Many players said something along the lines of 'I wouldn't take the lag, longer queue, and 125 player limit for some dumbass bees.'

Currently the server size is 175.

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