General Information
In-Game Name ENLSFace.png ENLS
Joined October 10th 2019
Town Nya Asgard
Town Rank Mayor
Nation Sweden
Nation Rank King
Business Endless Incorporated
Personal Information
Real Name Elias
Nationality Norvège drapeau.png Norwegian
Gender Male
Discord ENLS#3753

King ENLS of Sweden is a Norwegian player on EarthMC. He is currently the mayor of Nya Asgard, and the King of Sweden.



ENLS joined the server on October 10th 2019. When he first joined, he joined the town of Bluefields in Costa Rica and bought a plot there with gold he had found in an abondened house earlier.

The next day when ENLS joined, he decided he wanted to go to Norway on the map, as he is Norwegian in real life. Unaware of the /n spawn command, he traveled from Central America to Europe in a boat. When he arrived in Norway, he set up a small base underground trying to save up enough gold to make a town.


When he eventually had enough gold he founded the town of Christianssund, and was invited by _CrA6914 to join the Kalmar Union. The town was started on a small island on the Norwegian coast but expanded as time passed. He was the only citizen in Christianssund until his friend KBCO joined the server and joined his town.


On November 26th 2019 while talking with Riftal on Discord, it was decided that ENLS would leave Christianssund and take over Riftal's town Visby. His friend KBCO would then become the mayor of Christianssund, and ENLS became the mayor of Visby.

ENLS announced on December 6th 2019 that he would be running for Prime Minister of the Kalmar Union and on December 23rd he won the vote and became Prime Minister.

On January 1st, 2020, he founded Endless Incorporated. This was a corporation that he used to declare ownership over different businesses on the server. Along with it, he established NORK, a new news organization.

He eventually had to step off as Prime Minister after the election on March 1st, 2020, ended in a defeat for ENLS. The winner of the election was _CrA6914.


ENLS got sick of living in Visby, so he decided he wanted a change. On March 9th, he gave Visby to the nation of Terra Mariana, and founded his new town named Nordfold.

Nya Asgard (Becoming King)

When it was decided that ENLS would become King of Sweden, he had to move to the capital, Nya Asgard.


Town Nation Role Date Joined Date Left
Bluefields Costa_Rica Citizen October 10th 2019 October 12th 2019
Christianssund Kalmar Union Founder & Mayor October 12th 2019 November 26th 2019
Visby Sweden Jarl (Mayor) November 26th 2019 March 9th 2020
Nordfold Sweden Mayor March 9th 2020 May 2nd 2020
Nya Asgard Sweden Mayor (King) May 2nd 2020 N/A


  • The name ENLS is actually the initials of his real life name.
  • ENLS still owns the Spruce Boat the used to cross the Atlantic, and it has been renamed "S.S. Atlantic" and is placed in the Kalmar Cathedral in Kalmar.
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