ESPFORCE is a Spanish explorer, diplomat and builder. His first settlement, Freeman Station, was located in Antarctica where he obtained some wealth and experience. He later decided to move to Europe, where he found the island of Menorca in which started the city of Real Ciudadela. After the other leaders of the Balearics got inactive he moved forward to claim Mallorca and Ibiza successfully unifying the Balearic Islands (also known as Baleares.


Leading Freeman Station

ESPFORCE landed in Antarctica in late February after travelling all the way from Mexico (his original spawn point). He frist tried to hide his base from unwanted attention, making it extremely hidden inside a mountain, he later founded the Arctic Base of Freeman Station and started to make surface buildings like the yet unfinished Freeman Station or Freedom Plaza. His early diplomatic career starts here, as he decided to maintain peace in the Arctic continent by arriving to agreements with the representatives of the old Arctic Empire (currently [[[Glacier Spartan]]).

Leading Real Ciudadela

After he got bored of his snow fortress he gifted it to a random player and started the trip to Europe armed with a wooden boat. He landed in Menorca where he founded Real Ciudadela where he counted with the help of ciel0beats andwhitheredsteak who helped him build the first buildings. After ciel0 decided to leave ESPFORCE, he decided to center on exploring and aiding the Spanish Kingdom on whatever it may need, aiming to make Ciudadela the most solitary and beautiful town in the server, ignoring the island's humble size.

Leading Baleares

Since the unification of the Baleares for first time in the server ESPFORCE is centered in developing Mallorca, the future capital of the islands.

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