The East African Empire was founded on October 20, 2019. It is a constitutional monarchy with its first king being LittleMining I. There are currently 4 towns in the nation with 33 claims. The economy is based on trading with each town and other nations and giving each other the materials that are needed. 



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History Edit

Early History Edit

The nation was founded on October 20, 2019 by LittleMining in the Capital of Mansa. The next day, two new towns joined which are Kitongo, and Lubumbashi. 

Kitongo was disbanded and Lumbumbashi moved there to rebuild it. After the failure of doing so, the capital was renamed to Kilwa. After some thoughts, Lumbumbashi was moved to Kampala and renamed to Kampala. The capital was moved there from Kilwa and now the nation was renamed to East Africa. After this, LittleMining got 64 gold to create the city of Dar es Salaam and moved the capital of East Africa there.

Government Edit

It is a constitutional monarchy. There is the Congress of Mayors where each mayor from each town gets one vote in congress to pass laws. Those laws must be approved by the Monarchy in order to go into effect. The monarch can have any law it wants. 

Military Edit

There are currently 3 active soldiers in the nation. Currently, there is the national defense headquarters that are being built in the capital. 

Buildings Edit

Notable People Edit

  • LittleMining
  • HomeView
  • Loulou007007
  • Firestormgo
  • DutchMineBoy

National Subdivisions Edit

Other Recommended Headings Edit

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