Egalitarian Communism, or Egalitarism (also referred to as Equalitarian Communism, or Equalitarism) (from French égal, meaning 'equal'; from Latin communis, "common, universal"), whose goal is to building a communist state with a truly equal society.


Egalitarism was founded by Ionao on March 07, 2020 in North_Korea. It was done when name of North Korea : "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" was changed to "Equalitarist People's Republic of Korea". In the future, Ionao and Computer_x64 developed ideology further.



Symbolism : The red flag represents the revolutionary struggle for building communism, the sickle represents the peasants, the hammer - workers and builders, the pickaxe - the miners, the scales - equality and justice, the flame - the revolution, the handshake - friendship, solidarity and mutual assistance of the proletariat


Name : International Equalitarist

Party : Union of Equalitarist Party

Equalitarist parties in EMC

Equalitarist nations in EMC

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