EmattpoYou (eemat poh yu) (also known as Ematt, Emattpo and Ema) is a Polish-American player who joined on January 19th, 2020. He has been a longtime Bedrock edition player, and recently got Java Edition.


Real Life History

He has played the Bedrock edition of Minecraft since 2012/13. He has been known to build well, and is brand new to the Java version of Minecraft. He uses the name "EmattpoYou" for every platform that he uses.

In Game History

He spawned somewhere in the middle of Asia, trekking his way across Asia using the Nether, then coming across New York. He then took the Nether to San Francisco. He then walked from San Francisco to Los Angeles, then tried to make the long trek from Los Angeles to New York, almost dying in the Grand Canyon, before he was accepted to live in Downtown Detroit, Michigan, where he currently resides in a handbuilt house.

Town History

  • Downtown Detroit, Michigan

Skin history


EmattpoYou's RGB skin


EmattpoYou's Eggidot skin, based off of his Roblox account.

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