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An enlightened absolutist is a non-democratic or authoritarian leader who exercises their political power based upon the principles of the Enlightenment. The enlightened monarchs distinguished themselves from ordinary rulers because they govern for the well-being of their subjects


this political doctrine was founded by Federico20027 after the attempted coup d'etat in Carbonia to defend its citizens and its city.

Political Ideals

this type of monarchy has liberal conservationism as its reference and is inspired by the concepts of equality between men the duty of the sovereign is to do the good of the citizens at any cost, another political ideal is that of traditionalism which enhances the origins of the state / cities regardless of this all enlightened rulers must respect other traditions.


Election of a senator

a senator can be appointed by the enlightened monarch or exceptionally a senator can acquire the position following exemplary demonstrations of patriotism with gestures of merit

Function of a Senator

the senate performs a representative function, but it can also propose bills that will be proposed and elaborated in the assembly of senators and ministers (they can be delegated by the enlightened monarch), but the law will be comunuque approved by the monarch even if the senators themselves can convince the approval of a law through a debate.


enlightened absolutism is organized in order of importance by:

Enlightened Despot

the enlightened despot possesses the powers of an absolute monarch but must use his powers only if these bring something good to his citizens


the enlightened despot can appoint the Vicarius, the high official to whom the civil administration was entrusted, but they can also perform the military function of commanding a handful of men

Principes Senatus

The Princeps senatus is the first member by precedence of the Roman Senate; he is the official spokesperson and has the right to vote first, influencing the vote of others. It is not designated by birth, nor by age or by recognition of political services, but only for the recognition of its personal, extraordinary moral value.


the powers and functions of the senate are mentioned in the heading above

Mixed Economy

The mixed economy consists in:

  • The means of production are mostly privately owned, but there are also public enterprises;
  • Companies have the management of production, which however is conditioned by social forces and state interventions;
  • The State provides certain services (defense, justice, health, education, transport);
  • The State, by means of special bodies, carries out a regulatory intervention of economic life to avoid economic crises;
  • The fundamental economic choices of businesses and families are free;
  • Prices are defined by the market according to demand and offered, the State can, however, intervene to modify the prices of certain goods (electricity, gas, etc.) to make them more or less accessible to the population;
  • Business management is characterized by compliance with rules established by the State to protect workers, safety of plants and environmental protection.

List of Monarchies in EMC

You can always add to this list. Here is a small list of Monarchies: