Enni_TNT is the Rank 1 in Axes on EarthMc. Hes the Owner of Summerset in Factions, which is dedicated as the No.1 Faction on the Server. He joined the Server when Factions just started, and became a full Factions player, even tho he first dont liked the concept of factions. Nowadays many people getting in panic when they see his Nametag on their screen. He's known as a Fearless Killer without mercy. But for the ones respecting him (unless you are a new player, which he seems to kill regardless) he turns out to be a fair trader. Besides his 2700+ Kills on EMC the most impressive thing about him is after getting raided/griefed/betrayed countless times, he always kept cool and found a way to build himself up again. And ofcourse, having 1000 Lvl in Axes at this Spawnrate is insane. Hes also the richest player on EMC Factions with over 5000 golds.

See more at: Summerset

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