EternalFlavour is a player that joined in late February, and started in a town named Xilin Gol with some of his real life friends, which later would become the capital of the Mongol Empire. Not long after the creation of the Mongol Empire in early march, he would become the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, due to a lot of maintenance at the time and the creation of the queue, which made other people in the Mongol Empire lose interest. He created a city named Darkhan which would become the capital of the Mongol Empire when he was made the Khan. He would go on to recruit players for Darkhan and 2 of those players were moggers78 and DoctorSnakes, they would help grow the Mongol Empire. In april EternalFlavour would often go to Europe or Africa to kill players outside claims due to having gotten god gear and many potions, he would also keep building up the Mongol Empire with DoctorSnakes and moggers78. On the 22nd of April DoctorSnakes mentioned making his own news source since TBI and EMCN at the time was quite inactive, EternalFlavour picked up on the idea and began working on EarthMCLive with DoctorSnakes the day after, and was published on the 25th of April, EternalFlavour was made a moderator and worked with DoctorSnakes to eventually make EarthMCLive the biggest news source on EarthMC. In early may EternalFlavour was building up relationships with other nations such as nations in the House of Uesugi, Nepal and most importantly Manchuria (later known as Qing). EternalFlavour was an important ally of Mr_X1234 fighting alongside against Liao, however the war began early on when Liao wasn't formed yet, which was in a city called mudanjiang which grew very fast. EternalFlavour would make a deal with Mr_X1234 on the 12th of May which was giving Mr_X1234 200+ gold for the creation of Manchuria, but in exchange Manchuria would become a vassal of the Mongol Empire, the deal was accepted and Manchuria was made. EternalFlavour would fight alongside Manchuria against Liao and kept working on EMCL during may. In june EternalFlavour left the Mongol Empire to join Japan during Syn's leadership and would make DoctorSnakes the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire. EternalFlavour would become slightly more inactive during this time though, however on the 30th of June he would become the leader of Nepal, taking over Divy007's position and would go on to revive Nepal. He also recruited MasterFaustino which helped make the casino active at the time. EternalFlavour was still losing interest in EarthMC which made him quit EMC in july, officially on the 26th of July but barely played for weeks before the announcement. Since August EternalFlavour has been semi-active on EMC discords and is still admin of EMCL as of the 1st of november.

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