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Ethiopian Empire Flag.jpeg
Coat of Arms
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Ethiopia land.png
National Information
Full Name The Ethiopian Empire
National Anthem
Name in Towny Ethiopia
Motto 'Ityopia tabetsih edewiha habe Igziabiher' (Ethiopia, Be Happy)
Population 27
Chunks 154
/n list page 9
Capital City Flag.gif Addis_Ababa
Largest City Flag.gif Addis_Ababa
Oldest City Flag.gif Addis_Ababa
Established 13/3/2020
Disbanded tomorrow
Government Information
Leader John_of_Aus
Chancellors John_of_Aus, Recruit4Days, Triangle_Square_
Prime Minister Recruit4Days
Political System Constitutional Monarchy (its a dictatorship you forehead)
Economic System Capitalism (we dont have money)
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English and a hint of retard
Official Religion Ethiopian Orthodox
Army Size 4 and a half
Dominions Congo
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Triangle_Square_, John_of_Aus, Recruit4Days, JackJackson
Past Capitals your mum


Ethiopia is a nation located in north-east Africa, west of the Gulf of Aden. Ethiopia is an independent nation-state that is enclaved within Nubia. The area located around Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa being the main town), is hilly with a number of lakes defining the landscape of the city.


Ethiopia has a small economy that is currently on the uprise. Sand/terracotta mining makes up a small portion of government income. Most income is made by the large cow factory located in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian nation spawn contains multiple shops, most notably Johnny's Australian Corner Shop (JACS). 



Recruit4Days had initially joined the server upon the request of a friend, Triangle_Square_, with whom he had played on another Minecraft server that had died. The plan was to set up Ethiopia and create a colony in Italy as a Joke. Once the town members learned about the politics of EarthMC, the idea was quickly dropped.

Prior to Ethiopia 

Addis Ababa soon had expanded Eastwards making a new district. During that time the town suffered multiple attacks from the Neighbouring nation of Nubia which lead to the rise of anti-Nubia sentiment among the citizens. Addis Ababa reluctantly joined the nation of Nubia to help grown the town and quickly became the 4th largest town in the nation. 


On 13/03/2020, Addis Ababa declared independence from Nubia purchasing the nation of Ethiopia, which was previously Umayyad. Ethiopia would later go on to join United Africa and later the Yemen Empire. On 3/06/2020 the nation was renamed from ModsReadRule4.1 by the request of another player who wasn't in Ethiopia. 

People's Republic of Ethiopia

On the 17/4/2020, just over a month since independence was declared, President Triangle_Square established the Peoples' Republic of Ethiopia (PRE). During this time the nation saw little to no activity.

The Return of the Founding Members and the July Coup.

JackJackson, the former mayor of Addis Ababa returned to the nation on the 1/7/2020, spending most of his time raiding the nearby town of Kraftier. Following his return, former members John_of_Aus, Recruit4Days also rejoined the town. The former members unsatisfied with the new communist government launched a coup on the 5/7/2020, storming the parliament building demanding ownership of the nation. Triangle_Square_ agreed, giving the nation to JackJackson.

The August Coup

The August Coup was lead by John_of_Aus the owner of the town's main source of income 'Johnny's British Beef Factory' located behind the council building. With the influence he had from owning the largest source of income, he used this influence to get Recruit4Days to standby in case of a coup. With the support of Triangle_Square_ and a handful of the new residents, John_of_Aus then launched a coup d'etat against JackJackson and forced him out of the nation. JackJackson then took refuge within South_Mersa, then John_of_Aus then stated in chat that "JackJackson has been found to have Nubian sympathies and is now the enemy number one of the Ethiopian state", then with the support of NopNop101 (South_Mersa's mayor), a counter-coup was launched to oust John_of_Aus.

The September Coup

John_of_Aus got bored and decided to oust JackJackson again, John then scared Jack off. JackJackson then fled to Australia and became some important role or something.

The Ethiopian Empire

(Still working on it) so basically Ethiopia got chongers



Ethiopia was a part of the Yemen Empire, however since declared independence.


Ethiopia opposes Nubia due to the fact that Nubia claims Ethiopia and controls most of the nation. 


Addis Ababa is a hub for travel around Africa/Middle East having an Ice Road that Links El Obeid, Aden and Mersa together.

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