The People's Republic of Ethiopia is a nation located in north-east Africa, west of the Gulf of Aden. Ethiopia is an independent city-state that is enclaved within Nubia. The area located around Addis Ababa is mostly hilly with a small lake located south of the city. New Gondar is located in a large flat plain to the East of Capital.


Addis Ababa has a small economy that is currently on the uprise. Sand/terracotta mining makes up a small portion of government income. Addis Ababa provides most of the income of the small city-state nation.



Recruit4Days had initially joined the server upon the request of an friend, Triangle_Square_, with whom he had played on another Minecraft server that had died. The plan was to set up Ethiopia and create a colony in Italy as a Joke. Once the town members learned about the politics of EarthMC, the idea was quickly dropped.

Prior to Ethiopia

Addis Ababa soon had expanded Eastwards making a new district. During that time the town suffered multiple attacks from Neighbouring nation of Nubia which lead to the rise of anti-Nubia sentiment among the citizens. Addis Ababa reluctantly joined the nation of Nubia to help grown the town and quickly became the 4th largest town in the nation.


On the 13/03/2020, Addis Ababa declared independence from Nubia creating the nation of Ethiopia. Ethiopia would later go on to join United Africa and later the Yemen Empire. On the 3/06/2020 the nation was renamed from ModsReadRule4.1 by the request of another player who wasn't in Ethiopia.



Ethiopia is apart of the Yemen Empire and the Central African Federation.


While Ethiopia is allied to Nubia through the Central African Federation, Ethiopia opposes Nubia due to the fact that Nubia claims Ethiopia and controls most of the nation.


Addis Ababa is a hub for travel around Africa/Middle East having an Ice Road that Links El Obied, Aden and Mersa together.

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