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Ethiopian Empire Flag.jpeg

Offical Flag of Ethiopia EthiopianFlagSmall.png Unofficial Flag of Ethiopia
(More commonly used)

Coat of Arms
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National Information
Full Name The Free Kingdom of Ethiopia
National Anthem
Name in Towny Ethiopia
Motto 'Ityopia tabetsih edewiha habe Igziabiher' (Ethiopia, Be Happy)
Population 24
Chunks 203
/n list page 10
Capital City NewAddisFlag.PNG Addis_Ababa
Largest City EthiopianFlagSmall.png Joe Town
Oldest City NewAddisFlag.PNG Addis_Ababa
Established 13/3/2020
Government Information
Leader Regent: Jackehad.png JackJackson

King: ReHead.png TearlessMist308

Chancellors Jackehad.png John_of_Aus

ReHead.png Recruit4Days

Prime Minister Jackehad.png John_of_Aus
Political System Crown.png Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Capitalism
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion The Real Cult of Isis
Army Size 9
Part of Uosflag.png Union of Oceanian States
Historical Information
Past Leaders ReHead.pngRecruit4Days

TSHead.png Triangle_Square_

Past Capitals Tsana


Ethiopia is a nation located in northeast Africa, west of the Gulf of Aden. Ethiopia is an independent nation that is enclaved within Nubia. The area located around Addis Ababa/Tsana (Addis Ababa being the main town), is hilly several of lakes defining the landscape of the area.


Ethiopia has a strong economy for its small size with it currently be on an uprise. Sand/terracotta mining create a small portion of government income. The rest of the nation's income is from the Ethiopian Potion Brewery and mining for gold. Ethiopia also has an area known as "Australiatown". All shop-owners in the area are from the in-game nation of Australia. Australiatown occurred after the signing of the Emu-Point treaty which caused Ethiopia - Australia to split. This initiative help fix and strengthen Ethiopian - Australian relations.



Recruit4Days had initially joined the server upon the request of a friend, Triangle_Square_, with whom he had played on another Minecraft server that had died. The plan was to set up Ethiopia and create a colony in Italy as a Joke. Once the town members learned about the politics of EarthMC, the idea was quickly dropped.

Before Ethiopia 

Addis Ababa soon had expanded Eastwards, making a new district. During that time, the town suffered multiple attacks from the Neighbouring nation of Nubia, which lead to the rise of anti-Nubia sentiment among the citizens. Addis Ababa reluctantly joined the nation of Nubia to help grown the town and quickly became the 4th largest town in the country. 


On the 13/03/2020, Addis Ababa declared independence from Nubia, purchasing the nation of Ethiopia, which was previously Umayyad. Ethiopia would later go on to join United Africa and later the Yemen Empire. On the 3/06/2020, the nation was renamed from ModsReadRule4.1 to Ethiopia by the request of another player who wasn't in Ethiopia. 

People's Republic of Ethiopia

On the 17/4/2020, just over a month since Ethiopia declared independence , President Triangle_Square established the Peoples' Republic of Ethiopia (PRE). However, during this time, the nation saw little to no activity.

The Return of the Founding Members and the July Coup.

JackJackson, the former mayor of Addis Ababa, returned to the nation on the 1/7/2020, spending most of his time raiding the nearby town of Kraftier. Following his return, former members John_of_Aus, Recruit4Days also rejoined the town. The former members unsatisfied with the new communist government launched a coup on the 5/7/2020, storming the parliament building demanding ownership of the nation. Triangle_Square_ agreed, giving the country to JackJackson.

The Battle of Addis Ababa

Main Article: Battle of Addis Ababa

Before the Battle

Before the battle took place, Ethiopian forces had been attacking Nubian citizens in response to being attacked by Nubian forces at one of the many raids on Kraftier. In response, Nubia placed the town of Aniba, south of Addis Ababa. Upon logging on and seeing this, JackJackson messaged the other Ethiopians to attack the town.

JackJackson vs Twomoo1119

JackJackson made his way down to the town and attacked twomoo1119, who was supervising its creation. The mayor of Aniba and Twomoo1119 attacked Jackson forcing him to retreat to Addis Ababa.

The Battle of the Lion

Following the attack, Twomoo called for reinforcements. Around 10-12 Nubians arrived at Addis Ababa to fight. In that time, Recruit4Days and John_of_Aus logged on to defend the city. Deciding that fighting outside of claims would lead to defeat, pvp was toggled in the plots around the Lion of Judah. With the fight still ongoing, and no deaths on each side, JackJackson asked UghBraces for assistance to come help fight the Nubians. With the Nubians not killing any of the Ethiopians, they started to try and lure them out of claims. As this happened, UghBraces arrived, causing them to retreat.


The Ethiopians and allies claimed victory, defending the city and suffering no deaths to the Nubians. The Nubians are yet to put out a response regarding the battle.

The August Coup

John_of_Aus's betrayal

The August Coup was led by John_of_Aus. John was the owner of the town's primary source of income 'Johnny's British Beef Factory' which he used to influence Recruit4Days to standby in case of a coup. With Triangle_Square_'s support, and a handful of new residents, John_of_Aus then launched a coup d'etat against JackJackson and forced him out of the nation. JackJackson took refuge within South_Mersa. John_of_Aus stated in chat that "JackJackson has been found to have Nubian sympathies and is now the enemy number one of the Ethiopian state".


JackJackson organised a march on Addis Ababa with the help of South Mersa mayor NopNop101. Gathering gear and allies, they launched the attack. Unfortunately, many Addis Ababa residents were killed in the raid, leaving John_of_Aus and Recruit4Days without protection. Recruit4Days realising that their cause was hopeless, switched sides and handed John over to the Pro-Jackson side.

The September Coup

The Coup

John_of_Aus decided to oust JackJackson again, making him flee to Zanzibar and soon after Australia. John_of_Aus dismissed the Ethiopian Crown Council, placing himself as the sole ruler of Ethiopia. John ordered the deportation of all people from the Congo into the afterlife. This lead Negus Recruit4Days to declare Congo free from the Ethiopian Empire, starting the 17th Congo War.

JackJackson in Exile

JackJackson, fleeing to Australia, used his Wealth and Connections to secure a high role in the Union of Oceanian States (UOS). Using his time in exile, he organised the Irish Royal Army (IRA), consisting of troops from Australia, Congo and Zanzibar.

UOS vs Victoria war.

With the creation of the IRA, it was opted the army would be tested on the Rebels called Victoria. A small battle took place where UOS forces fought Victoria. The end result of the battle was zero deaths on the UOS side to 1 on the Victoria in full God Gear. The town left Victoria and Joined SouthAustralia, at the time an allied nation of the UOS.

The October Revolution


A counter-coup was organised between JackJackson, Recruit4Days and Triangle_Square_, the IRA used the Royal Ethiopian Navy to land south of Addis Ababa. Following the landing they marched North to Addis Ababa and John_of_Aus surrendered the capital without a fight.

Rebuilding of the Empire

JackJackson rebuilt the Empires relations with former members, inviting Congo back to the Ethiopian Empire. Congo accepted and the Treaty of Tsana was signed. Triangle_Square_ and JackJackson made a deal in private to reaffirm Zanzibar-Nyasa will stay in the Ethiopian Empire.

Reorganisation of the Empire.

JackJackson, once regaining control, reinstated the Crown Council was with NopNop101 being Prime Minister and Azysiri being Foreign Minister. The reorganised Council was enlarged and took on people who were once considered foreign to the Empire.

Integration into the Australian Empire

Rebuilding the Ethiopian Empire, JackJackson made an agreement with the King of Australia Shellblu, offering the nations of the Empire as colonies. Ethiopia, Congo and Zanzibar would also "Join" the UOS.

The October/November Come Back

Ethiopian Potion Brewery

Triangle_Square and JackJackson built a large potion brewer and automatic potion shop, quickly becoming the servers main stop for Haste II. The first day along the Potion Shop made over 120g gold with little effort required to do so. With large orders being placed helping the Ethiopian/Zanzibar government buy multiple beacons and a new location in Spain.

Johnny's British Cow Factory

JBCF was merged with EPB to create Ethiopian Potions and Cows. In addition, the cow factory production was increased with an extension underneath the Ethiopian Potion Shop.

The Fall of Ethiopia

Ethiopia's activity increase wouldn't last long, and by the end of the year, Ethiopia had returned to it's Semi-Active Status. All of the Ethiopian towns and colonies would be disbanded due to inactivity leaving Addis Ababa as the sole remaining town. JackJackson would officially disband the Ethiopian Empire and fully join Australia as a colony.

Purchase of Addis Ababa

Main article: Purchase of Addis Ababa.

After Negotiations ending on the 21st May 2021, Nubia would purchase Addis Ababa on the 22nd May 2021. The town would be given to cheetossssss, with Ethiopia itself being disbanded. However, this would be undone due to a large back that occurred.

The Removal of JackJackson as Negus Nagast

The Return of the Former Members

Following the unsuccessful selling of Addis Ababa, JackJackson asked the former members of Ethiopia if they would want to return and move to a different area in EarthMC with all agreeing to rejoin Addis Ababa. Soon after rejoining the former members would discover JackJacksons failed plan to sell Ethiopia without asking their permission. This action caused outrage between the members, with all expect Triangle_Square_ agreeing to remove JackJackson from power.

Operation Derg

On the 5/6/2020 Operation Derg was launched with Ethiopia's entire treasury being stolen by the rebels. AAfter stealing the nation's wealth, they demanded that JackJackson step down as Negusa Nagast and hand the nation over to Recruit4Days. Jackson would refuse, and after much discussion, a compromise was agreed upon.

The Addis Ababa Agreement

It was agreed that TearlessMist308 would become Negusa Nagast Gregory II of Ethiopia and JackJackson would forfeit his claim to the Ethiopian throne . This would lead The House of Gregory (TearlessMist308, Recruit4Days and Sharpy4) to become the dominant royal house instead of the house of Jackson (JackJackson, Triangle_Square_). JackJackson would be given the title of Enderase (Regent) until the Crown council could decide an agreed time for Gregory's offical coronation. Jackson would not have any offical power, instead he would have to ask the Crown Council of Ethiopia to agree to it before making any decisions.

A meme created by Triangle_Square_

The False banning of JackJackson

Only five days after Gregory II coming to power, JackJackson was banned for "mass alting". The EarthMC mods had accused Jack of using alts to hold towns and to grow his own. Naturally, this outraged the Ethiopians and quickly united them, with many memes being created and sent to the Mods involved. Large amounts of evidence promptly poured in, proofing that Jack wasn't using eight different alts. As a result, Jack was unbanned after 23 hours of being banned.

The Removal of Ethiopia from the Australian Empire

Australia - Lower Australia War

The province of Lower_Australia rebelled from Australia with the backing of Nubia but would quickly abandon Lower_Australia as many nations declared war on the rebel nation. The Ethiopian Government provided financial aid to Australia in the form of funding the town of Ballarat. Australia quickly won the war, with Lower_Australia surrendering.

Nubian involvement and the Treaty of Emu Point

Australia and her Government would quickly discover Nubian involvement, who promised to protect Lower_Australia if they rebelled. Shellbu, King of Australia, decided with JackJackson that Ethiopia should be removed from the Empire to stop Nubian interference within Australian affairs. Australia and Nubia signed the Treaty of Emu Point, officially releasing Ethiopia from Australia.

Ethiopian reaction

The Ethiopian Government, especially JackJackson, was angered by Nubia's failed invasion of Australia. To the Ethiopians, it was seen as invasion of a peaceful nation who had done nothing wrong to Nubia. This event help lead to Ethiopia joining the Tanzania Empire.

Entry into Tanzania

In response to Ethiopia's removal from Australia, Ethiopia joined the Tanzania Empire for protection from Nubia.




Ethiopia joined Australia as colony to further improve the relations between the two nations. Ethiopia was given the name Australian East Africa, Congo became Australian Congo and Zanzibar was called The Australian Protectorate of Zanzibar.

While Ethiopia agreed to be removed from Australia, both nations have kept friendly relations with each other with strong support for Ethiopia in the Australian community.


Ethiopia joined the Tanzanian Empire on the 12/08/2020 for protection from Nubia after a brief with the leader of Tanzania, Sauq.

The Congo Free State

On 27th of August 2021, Ethiopia and the Congo Free State agreed to a non-aggression pact. Ethiopia also agreed to come to the defence of the Congo Free State in case of war.



Ethiopia and Nubia currently fight over towns and control of the Ethiopian region, with Ethiopia alongside Tanzania seeking to remove Nubian dominance over Africa. Nubia and Ethiopia have been involved with town stealing and battles against each other. Ethiopia has also helped enemy nations of Nubia.


Ethiopia and Nubia would quickly become enemies after creating an independent Addis Ababa. But even before this, Addis Ababa hadn't been on the best terms with Nubia due to them raiding Addis Ababa when it was first created.

Ethiopia would raid many Nubian towns in response to being attacked by a Nubian. Finally, Tensions reached a boiling point with the Battle of Addis Ababa occurring. Ethiopia would "win" the battle but slowly started to lose motivation. Since The battle of Addis Ababa until recent times, Ethiopia opted to help support enemy nations of Nubia instead of direct fighting.

Following the removal of Ethiopia from Australia and Nubia "stealing" a town from them, Ethiopia has returned to fighting against Nubia, with Ethiopia joining the Tanzanian Empire.

List of Battles Between Ethiopia and Nubia

Ethiopia and Nubia have fought many battles / Skirmishes, including;


The leaders of Sudan, Kobikraft and SuperGamer, ask Ethiopia multiple times to join their war against Nubia. After a brief discussion between the Crown Council of Ethiopia, it was decided that war would be declared on Sudan in support of the Allies inside of the Nubian Nation, as well as for being annoying and "The scum of Africa" and "12 Year Old Rats".


Addis Ababa is a hub for travel around Africa/Middle East having an Ice Road that Links El Obeid, Aden and Mersa together.