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The capital of Eurasia, Malygina

Severia was founded by Frnkln421 on December 31st 2019, the original name was Eurasia, but that spawned the Great Eurasian Argument, where the eventual outcome of the multiday conflict was the name of Severia. Severia included many, now depreciated, towns such as the Sun Roshan Union, as they attempted to unite against Scythia, who have a monopoly on nations in the north of Russia.

It was part of an alliance known as the "Northern Entente" with nations like Severny, Karafuto Prefecture and the Rus Khanate Empire.

Its capital is the town of Malygina, which is described as "a jewel of the north".

On December 1st 2020, Chairwomen Frnkln421 renamed Severia to Eurasia, ending the Great Eurasian Argument, and restoring the proper name to the great nation.