The Euro-ISP is the European Central Committee of the International Socialist Party (ISP). It was one of the original three Central Committees and, usually was either its most active, or second most active Central Committee.


The Euro-ISP was one of the original three Central Committees of the International Socialist Party, set up the day the ISP was founded. It originally comprised of former members of the EarthMC Classic Epoch socialist party, the ISFP. They hosted the I, III, V, VIIIe, VIII, IX, XII, and XIV Conventions. They were active in Britain, Scotland (at first), Byzantium, Poland, GME, France, and others. They never had any branch offices after their plot to create a branch office in Constantinople never came to fruition.

The Euro-ISP took the lead in making denouncements of nations when they acted against the interests of the masses, leading to the ISP's statement against Qin, against ISIS-Byzantium animosity, against The Communist Republic Of Minecraft-Discord, against UK-Scotland animosity, against Fascist Dexter in Scottish Coup, and the statement of the XII Convention promising that the Socialist Struggle shall carry on, after the collapse of both MEIPS and the East Asia-ISP.

Euro-ISP was. despite its stable activity, failed to implement a single one of its ideas in any town or nation of Europe. Their power was limited and they had trouble convincing the nations to give up nationalism for internationalism for the masses. Because of this in some ways it was one of the weakest after the still-born Asia-ISP that failed after the V Convention, but lasted in rump state until the VIII Convention.

After the collapse of MEIPS and the East Asia-ISP, the Afro-ISP and Euro-ISP divided somewhat after the Afro-ISP voted to dissolve itself and form new political parties along national lines, meeting instead of with the ISP, at the new body called the 2nd International. The Euro-ISP then called the last ISP convention, the XIV Convention, in which against the wishes of a breakaway part of the Afro-ISP and after depriving those who failed to show because of Queue of a vote, finally voted to dissolve itself too into parties along national lines, and instructed the future national parties to join the 2nd International.

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