Is a town located in the South-Eastern part of Iberia founded by eduarddod08 (THIS IS STILL IN PROGRESS WILL COMPLETE TOMORROW)

Infrastructure Projects (Original Evora)

After completing the Évora Palace, Bennysifi set out to create more practical buildings, buildings that would serve a greater purpose to the townsfolk of Évora.

Bennysifi would first complete the 'Um Armazem Portugues' (The Portuguese Warehouse) a large storage facility that would serve to maintain and protect the precious materials and resources of Évora.

Bennysifi would then open a new residential area named 'Distrito Um' (First District).

With the help of a new resident, AndayYT, a brand new metro system would be established, connecting the city of Évora to neighbouring cities such as Faro and Lisbon.

Evora-Faro Road

On the 25th of May 2019, construction began on a road between the city of Evora and the city of Faro. Construction began early in the day with the mayor of Faro, the_EXPERTpt_, working with Evora mayor Bennysifi to lay down the foundations. Faro citizen Aristochat would soon join in with the building, contributing materials to the effort of the road. Jimituga, a citizen of Evora, would also join in later in day and help finish the remainder of the road.

The road was eventually completed and claiming began almost immediately in order to save the road from being griefed.

Infrastructure Projects (as of the new Evora)

Operation New Look

As of June 2020, the mayor has big plans for the town, now that 32Alex got his mayor privilege after the previous owner started scamming and he left, many days/weeks and the new town was looking greater than ever but, it was very repetitive with a modern style he needed to make something new that would stand out so after 3 months, Operation New Look started, more roads implemented and more plots, also the town would make his first Ice Road since it's under Spanish ocupation. At first it wasn't much but in time everything got better and better. The current building isn't much but it is indeed a big building 4x4 chunks, 20 blocks height with at least 7 rooms. Status as for 18th June (2020) in progress.

2019 Handover (original Evora)

On the 27th of September 2019, Bennysifi handed over ownership of Evora to lanorro after a prolonged absence. Bennysifi had been semi-inactive for most of July and August, only coming on for no longer than an hour to make sure that the town wouldn't collapse. Eventually, it was concluded that Evora should be transferred to a more active player that would save the town from collapse but also further develop the town itself. lanorro had previously been a member of Faro and had achieved much success in his tenure there, and with this, he was selected as the prime candidate.

The 2020 Recap (as of the new Evora)

The year 2019 was indeed very progressive but after the Spanish-Portuguese war the town was to see his worst days, from chunk blocks to griefs and more, after some time the current at the time mayor (Lanorro, he do be vibin doe) has made the not-so-good-choice of Fly Hacking. After being banned by the Moderators (60 days or permanently, I don't really know) the town fell and since any time Portugeses could re claim the place, Spain made the town Spanish Evora, but that really didn't help as the Portugeses started claiming the Évora Palace and more things. To this point there were 2 cities with the same name but one was Spanish while the other one Portugese. Fast-Forward like 5 or 6 months, the original town fell down after days of inactivity, everyone in the Spanish comunity was happy espacially 32Alex (the current mayor that is also writing this), he was handed 300g by the Nation Owner the real OG's Pengun to claim the palace.

The name change.

After a few days of thinking to change the name from Redondo to Evora, I the mayor came to a conclusion, this town was really a achivement for me not only that I never tought that I would become a mayor but also that I could own the whole place, so I changed the name back to Evora!

The after Maths of becoming the Mayor

Since I could make every look I how I wanted, I changed the entire look of it from the town hall to roads, basically everything.

The Old Evora (Part of Portugal)

Evora is a town based in South-Western Iberia, a part of the nation Spain Relam (was part of Portugal), like it's real life counterpart.

Evora was founded on the 20th February 2019 by Bennysifi. Evora joined the nation of Portugal immediately after it's founding as Bennysifi had been using an embassy plot in Coimbra to store items whilst working up enough gold to make the town.

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