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The EarthMC Getting Started Page

Users Guide to EarthMC

See Guide to Getting Started on EarthMC by Neon_Krby (Krby).

It contains the following info:

  • The EarthMC Map scale
  • How to join and go to a town
  • Town plot size and how to view chunk borders
  • How to make your own town
  • How to create your own nation
  • Benefits of being in a nation
  • Staying safe in EarthMC
  • Links to EarthMC wiki, Towny commands, Discord, Reddit

The Official EarthMC FAQ page

See EarthMC FAQ for the following:

  • What are the Custom Recipes?
  • How to Make Trade Signs
  • Transferring Data between Accounts? No
  • How to Apply for Moderator
  • How to Switch between Chats (global, town, nation, party, donator)
  • Why are mobs not moving?
  • Voted but didn't receive gold?
  • How to Link Minecraft to Discord
  • Why is my Town Deleted?
  • What are the Server McMMO Settings?

Other helpful pages

Info about the EarthMC Community

These additional pages about the EarthMC community are harder to find, and some might not even know they exist:

What is the server IP?

What version of Minecraft is EarthMC using?

Minecraft 1.13.2 (It can support Minecraft 1.14, but you can't use 1.14 stuff.)

t's Java edition only, sorry no bedrock edition.

How do I go back to Minecraft version 1.13.2?

  1. Once you open up Minecraft, do not click "Play".
  2. Instead, select "Installations" from the tabs on top.
  3. Click "+ New" on the top left.  A pop up window appears.
  4. On the right, there should be a drop down box for all of the versions
  5. Select "Release 1.13.2". 
  6. Select "Create"
  7. Verify on the bottom left that Minecraft 1.13.2 version is showing.
  8. Then press "Play"

To switch between existing Minecraft versions, just select the desired release from the drop down menu on the bottom left before pressing "Play".

How do I join a town?

(do /invite to see commands)

Method 1: Find an open town and do /t join <town>.

Method 2: Ask anyone to invite you to a town

  • Receive an invitation to a town
  • /accept <town> or
  • /t invite accept <town>

Method 3: Ask a town resident

  1. Find a town you want to join.
  2. Do "/t online <town>" to see which player from that town is on.
  3. Ask the player in chat if they can invite you to their town.

Method 4: Browse the list of open towns in the EarthMC discord.

I just joined a town. How do I go to it?

/t spawn

I can't see myself on the Map.

You are probably under a tree or inside a building. Go out into the open to see yourself.

How to Join a Nation

Once your town gets an invite from a nation, do this:

  • /t accept invite <nation>

You can check your town stats while in town:

  • /t here        it should show your nation in the town info
  • /n               should also show your nation info

How to Create a Town

  1. You should start a town greater than 10 chunks away from a neighboring town.
  2. You need to have 64 gold in your inventory.
  3. Stand in the 4 blocks that will become your town block.
  4. /t new <town name>

The town should be created. Sometimes you'll see "gg" in globalchat celebrating your achievement.

  • /t set homeblock    Sets the homeblock (you can withdraw/deposit gold standing there)
  • /t set spawn          Sets the spawn
  • /t claim                 Claim wilderness for town, must have 16g

How to Give Yourself a Plot in Your Town

Give yourself a plot

  • /plot fs 0 set the plot with sale price = 0
  • /plot claim

How to Protect Your Town

You want to invite some players, but don't want them to open town chests.

  • /t set perm off turn off all permissions in town
  • /plot set perm off turn off all permissions in plot
  • /t invite <player> invite <player> to the town

How to Set Specific Permissions for residents

  • /resident toggle switch off don't allow residents to open chests, use switches
  • /resident toggle switch on allow residents to open chests, use switches
  • /resident toggle build off don't allow residents to build
  • /resident toggle destroy off don't allow residents to destroy

Why doesn't Fix solve problems encountered every day? and other similiar questions

Ask specific questions in the EarthMC Support Discord. Or look for a mod.

What is the Difference between a Citizen and a Resident?

Citizens are the inhabitants of a nation while residents are the inhabitants of a town. - GeneralNoOne

What is the Difference between a Battle and a War?

battle is a combat between two or more armed forces. ... Battles are between soldiers, while war is between countries or nations. Battles can be won and lost, but it may not determine the end of the War. Battles are usually short term, while wars are lengthy. (Source: Farhan Syeed on Quora)

What is the Difference between the "Politics" and "Political Party" Categories?

Politics is a category page to hold definitions and ideas (for example, Democracy, Fascism, etc.)

A Political Party is a actual political group that belongs to a location or nation.

Several Political Parties from different nations or locations can share the same ideology. But the reverse is difficult to imagine ( political party with several ideologies).

Who is Staff in EarthMC?

See List of all Staff

Why are the Madagascar shops closed?

The glitch with the shop signs has been fixed. Currently, the Madagascar spawn is sometimes open and sometimes not. If you cannot /n spawn Madagascar, just be patient and try again later.

What can I do if EarthMC ingame chat is too annoying?

The best way is to use the Towny Commands below.

Muting a Specific Player with Towny command

  • /chmute <channel> <player>
  • /chunmute <channel> <player>

Muting a Specific Player with /ignore

  • Caution: Not sure if /ignore can be undone easily.
  • /ignore <player>.   This is undone on server restart.
  • To see who's being ignored: /ignorelist

Muting Everyone (several methods)

  1. Method 1 (best): /chmute, /chunmute
See Towny Commands for Chat below
  • /chmute <channel> <player>
  • /chunmute <channel> <player>
  1. Method 2: Using Minecraft Settings (probably safer)
Go to Minecraft Settings - Multiplayer
Click on "Chat Shown"
Set it to "Commands Only" since you can still type commands
  1. Method 3: Using /mute
You can /mute all.
Caution: Use at your own risk.  Not sure if the reverse is /unmute all.)

How do I talk to someone privately?

/msg <name> <message> or click on player name in chat

Once you have a conversation going, you can just continue the chat by replying, like this:

/r <message>

What are the Towny Commands for Chat?

  • /tc or /townchat             put in front of message to talk to town members only
  • /nc or /nationchat         put in front of message to talk to nation members only
  • /g or /global                   put in front of message to speak in globalchat
  • /res set mode reset      reset chat mode to default chat
  • /ch list                            list what channels a player is currently listening to
  • /channel leave <channel>
  • /channel join <channel>

Muting and unmuting a Player using Towny Commands

  • /chmute <channel> <player>         mutes a player in a channel
  • /chunmute <channel> <player>     unmutes a player in a channel
  • /mutelist <channel>                       displays mute list for a channel

What are the Channels in EarthMC?

There are 8 channels in EarthMC: **

  1. Chinese
  2. French
  3. Global
  4. Nation
  5. Russian
  6. Spanish
  7. Town
  8. Trade

The commands are:

  • /channel join <channel>
  • /channel leave <channel>
  • /channel switch <channel>     This switches to the designated channel
  • /channel mute <channel>
  • /channel set <channel>
  • /nation
  • /town
  • /ch join global
  • /ch join chinese
  • /ch join french
  • /ch join russian
  • /ch join spanish

** This info was found ingame

Par exemple, je veux parler français dans le tchat

Veuillez utiliser /ch join french.
Pour rejoindre le tchat global, tapez /ch join global.

What are the Towny Commands?

Here is a link to the Towny Commands .  Note: You may not have permission for all the commands listed.

Where can I appeal my ban?

Ban appeals are handled over at our ban appeals discord server, click here to join.

How do I add a Town, Nation, or Alliance Wiki Page using a Template?

See Creating Pages using Town, Nation, or Alliance Templates.

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