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History of Persian Kuwait / failaka

Failaka was planned by Avir_101 a long time ago since 2019 but was made in 2020 due to Avir_101 getting attacked by desert bandits and a person known as TurkDarthJoker,With help from an Armenian citizen known as Vertwood who provided some food and gold which he gave to Avir_101 on his journey though the mountainous regions of the middle east, after finally settling on the small island, Avir_101 set foot on Failaka and claimed it as an independent town growing slowly, with Sheikh/Sultan Avir.

After some time they joined Persia and became Persian Kuwait


Currently no building's except a tiny hut where Avir Resides and a port, Future architecture might include famous Kuwaiti land marks like the Kuwait towers and the Kuwait water towers.

Notable People



PasterSnacks (neighbouring town)

naaa99 (invited me to join Persia)

TurkDarthJoker(big bad)
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Turk darth joker


Persian Kuwait is ruled by one person and no one else resides and the ruler can do whatever he wants therefore making it a dictatorship


Persian Kuwait has mind blowing population of one person who can sustain himself with no trade therefore making it a stable economy


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Persian Kuwait is located next to its much bigger neighbouring town, Uruk

Current situation

Sultan Avir101 of Failaka has been officially declared as part of Persia. with the name of Persian Kuwait!


Currenlty looked forward to build sand cities in southern kuwait

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