Basic Information

Cosenza was formed on the 18th of January 2019 by matisz03, and was also accepted into Aragon by Pengun78. There militia consists of no people as there is no people in the town, but matisz03 is trying to get people to join, under the promise of housing. The town is located in South Italy and is named after the real life city Cosenza. The buildings are going to remain short because i cant be assed to get the materials lmao. (dont unedit this is real matisz03 even ask) Can i also say fuck the mods for not transfering my city to my alt, DaCKing12, i cant log into matisz03 and they are not transferring my city while mojang sorts it out. absolute cunts

People of Respected Achievements towards Cosenza

Mayor: Matisz03

King of Aragon: Pengun78

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