Far Alexandria (Alexandria_Eschate)


Far_Alexandria (de jure Alexandria_Eschate) is a mountainous Greco-Bactrian town located in the real life location of Alexandria_Eschate, a city historically founded by Alexander the Great. The city boasts Greek architecture, with Greek-style white concrete houses, placed brutaly into a mountain valley, guarding the entrance to the Fergana Valley.

Early History:

The work on the city was started on the 20th of December, with the terraforming of the mountain into a chunk-based slope. The City was founded in 2019, on the 25th of December, by Mining_Tzar. It became the second town on Terra Nova to be founded by him and the third town in the entirety of Mining_Tzar's EMC career. At the time of founding, the only other town in the Fergana valley was Llyn, and while it created concerns of claim blocking, in reality it fell due to inactivity a month later.

Time of Terraforming:

Most of the town's early history is large scale terraforming, where Mining_Tzar would cut into the mountain on the south side of the valley and build platforms over terrain, loosely following the mountain's natural shape. This resulted in a unique shape and somewhat problematic leveling, as there has never been a town in the history of EarthMC which was structured in such a way. During this Era, no new citizens were accepted into the town and the now-famous diorite column wall design was implemented by the mayor. This time period lasted from December to late January, although large scale terraforming has occured throughout the town's history. It is not known why creatorfromhell didn't ban Mining_Tzar

Time of Decay:


Time of Rejuvination:

On April 26th, Mining_Tzar hired about 5 slaves and paid them 2 gold per every house they destroyed in the city. In one day, the entire city lost all of it's housing. Various landscaping work was also done in order to clean the city, with only some floating chests left. In the end, new path types were implemented, with a specific and orderly function in every district and level apart from the Market and Crafting (now Storage) Square.

It was then decided that the town's housing will be mostly pre-built, with heavy Greek influence. Influential or important citizens will get the opportunity to build their own structures. Most houses in the city are now two-three stories high, with an optional basement.

Notable Buildings and Structures:

  • The Exarch's Palace (WIP)
  • The Great Storage Square (WIP)
  • Market District (WIP)
  • The Valley-Spanning Bridges (WIP)
  • The Bactrian Museum (WIP)
  • Armoury (WIP)
  • The West Gate (WIP)
  • The East Gate (WIP)
  • Alexandria's Walls (WIP)
  • River Farms (WIP)
  • Atlas (WIP)
  • New Forum and Spawn (WIP)
  • Far_Alexandria's Metro Station
  • The Royal Bactrian Stables

Current and Past Mayors:

  • Mining_Tzar

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