Fascism is a ideology in Terra Nova. The biggest Fascist Nation was Nazi_Germany.


Fascism is an ultra-nationalist authoritarian ideology espousing devotion strong devotion to the state and strict regimentation of society and the economy and aggressive foreign policy.

Fascism is a national/flexible ideology that adapts to the nation that adopts it and results in several specific sub-ideology. Common traits among Fascist nation and ideology include strong veneration of the state, citizenry of all working classes united under a strong leader with dictatorial power, and legal existence of a single political party. Common Fascist economic philosophy include but not limited to Fascist Corporatism, National Syndicalism, state capitalism and its variants. In contrast with other authoritarian ideology Fascism espouses enrichment and support of the common populace as its base of the nation for the national people come first in every regard as the people are merged with the nation as one.

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