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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil) is the largest South American nation both in number of residents and amount of chunks. The most widely spoken and official languages are Portuguese and English. Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, Brazil borders almost all nations in South America and covers roughly half of the continent's land area. It is the oldest existing nation in the Americas.



Historical Governments

Brazil has wained in and out of various systems and here these previous systems are detailed briefly.

Xingu Direct Democracy (October 28, 2020 - January 20, 2021)

This system was carried on from the old system that came out of Xingu.

In the system, decisions and their implementation was decided by the residents all who had the same power and influence. The system relied heavily on the national Discord, which is very active. Every citizen could make a Proposal, in the Proposals channel. The Proposal would be debated by the public and liked or disliked till it got three likes. After getting three likes, the Proposal goes onto the Polls channel, where people make the definitive vote on the idea. If the Poll gets more votes For rather than Against, then it is implemented.

Towns where given the choice of becoming Democratic or Monarchic. Monarchic towns where rules directly by the Mayor, while Democratic towns are ruled by the Polls. This caused some trouble and division later.

Under this system, the King’s power was only to recruit, quell arguments, give advice, plan things, and create Polls, so his power was almost purely symbolical.

Every resident was given the right to have a plot. The Property of a resident is highly respected. The Mayor is only allowed to enter another persons plot if they have broken a law. All Government resources are distributed equally and free to take and use.

Poll Number 27 (Proposed initially by Kilomberox) was responsible for creating Ministers. These Ministers could act on their respective subject without Polls, provided they could justify the reasoning. This caused some trouble later.

Additional rules where put in place over time; If two Ministers argued against each other and would not stop, the argument would be solved and stopped by the Prime Minister, or King, if the Prime Minister was not available. The Polls dictate the rules and power over the Ministers, but, any Poll could be annulated by a minimum of 4 Ministers if they agree and vote democratically on the matter. Only residents of a town with more 20 people could candidate to the position of Prime Minister (this limited the role to only Mehinaku or Osaka residents). The first ever election of Ministers counted more than 50 individual votes. Elections where held at the start of every month, with three days between each Minister being voted in. Those three days where used to vote the Minister in.

There are five minister roles, listed below:

  1. PRIME MINISTER Could do anything the other Minister could do, and, could kick Minister they thought where bad.
  2. DEFENCE MINISTER Had the power to prepare the army and make the strategies in case of war. If there is a war, they are also able to plan attacks without having to create a Poll and Proposal. They can also build anything related to defence and can prepare towns for war.
  3. TRANSPORT MINISTER Had the power to make anything related to roads, streets, ice-roads, railroads, etc and the like without having to make a Proposal and Poll.
  4. JUSTICE and INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS MINISTER Has the power to run the Courthouse, in which they are the Supreme Judge, along with two or more random residents who act as the Jury. They are also responsible for representing Brazil worldwide and make any decisions about alliances or enemies. For example; If a nation invited Brazil to be their ally, the person who would answer the request would be the minister and not the "King” Olivio as many Monarchic nations might have believed due to do not knowing how the Democratic system worked.
  5. ACTIVITY MINISTER Responsible for keeping active people in the Nation. Could make events to make sure people won’t get bored and leave. They could invite new residents and kick inactive ones. He can also update the inactive-residents-list channel in the Discord server.
  6. BUILDING MINISTER Responsible for making towns look better. They could build any public structures, project new ones and manage them. They could also determinate if certain regions of the towns where to be for certain things.
  7. COMMERCIAL MINISTER Managed the Economy and made sure Gold could be made without Taxes.
  8. AGRICULTURAL MINISTER. (created by poll number 54) was considered an extension of the Commerical Minister, and was the one responsible for managing the public farms and giving everyone the food required for feasts and other such events.
  9. CULTURE MINISTER (created by poll number 60). Was the one responsible for the Libraries, Museums, Art Galleries and Historical sights of Brazil. They where an extension of the Activity Minister.

OCTOBER Getfrosted (resigned) sndor (formally yt_sandor) FelipeJmar GloireEtDouleir Hungrey_ Kilomberox (resigned) not created not created xCQB
NOVEMBER AfroboiArzouma Hungrey_ Ketchoop sndor (formally yt_sandor) Hungrey_ MagAnother (resigned) SirSneazy StrangeAlien0 v_Rodo
DECEMBER Luke_Show Hungrey_ Mr.Jheck Mr.Jheck V_Rodo TwisterSelvagem None None None

Current Government

v_Rodo’s Representative Democracy

This system came after Rodo and his allies spent many months campaigning and making Proposals.

The new system keeps all the old rules regarding what the King can and cannot do, and the Prime Minister still exists. All rights, freedoms, and nearly all rules previously created out by a Poll have been kept. Proposals are still made by the public, and with three likes it becomes a Poll but the Polls are voted on by the Parliament, not by the Public. When referring to all members of the Government, the name Members of Parliament is used, or M.P. The first Parliament of this system was a continuation of Rodo’s government of December, 2020. Elections begin on the twentieth of every month, with three days between Senator, Judger and President Elections, meaning the elections last 9 days.

During Twister’s term as President, on the 27 of April, the Speaker was changed to Chancellor, and given more power and a council of Ministers was made mandatory for the President. The next day, Twister proposed the role of Vice President, to rule in the President’s absence and assist them. The Vice President was only implemented in late May, however, as the polls to vote on the proposal tied 3 times.

In June, Chancellor ?, in a bid to stop corruption, made a proposal for all Ministers to be approved by the Senate. Later, in July, Culture Minister Underrrr made a proposal for the regulation and refining of Ministers. Both proposals where passed and implemented. The Ministers have direct control and input in their subject matters, but also play an advisory role to the President.

Oddly, ArtistGames was the only candidate for President in the June Election, and Rossome the only July Presidential candidate.

In the current system there are twenty elected officials;

  1. SENATORS There are ten Senator positions, and they all do the same job, that is, they vote on Polls and think of how to implement them. They are elected by the Public in a General Election.
  2. SPEAKER The Speaker is able to make a Poll without a Proposal, and is chosen by the Senators amongst themselves.
  3. GENERAL ATTORNEY (FORMERLY JUDGER) Originally publicly elected and responsible for acting as a supreme judge, the role was passed to Olivio three times in a row and it was decided that he was the only one with enough knowledge of the Polls and Laws to be worthy of the role, so, it was given to him permanently and renamed to General Attorney. In the table below, the role is listed as disband.
  4. VICE PRESIDENT A member of the same Party as the President and hand-picked by them for the purpose of ruling in their absence and assisting them.
  5. PRESIDENT Chosen by the Public from any willing Senators. If there are no (or a lack of) willing Senators, the President can be any willing resident.

The President’s Council of Ministers:

  1. ECONOMY MINISTER One of the two original Ministers and often called the Finance Minister, they advise on and oversee Brazil’s financial matters.
  2. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS MINISTER One of the two original Ministers and sometimes called the Foreign Affairs Minister. They choose 2-4 ‘Diplomats’ who advice and can be sent on missions and broker deals (if approved).
  3. DEFENCE MINISTER Not mandatory for a President to have one unlike the above two. They must be given extra approval by the Commander of the Military.
  4. INFRASTRUCTURE MINISTER Another non-mandatory Minister. Controls and regulates infrastructure projects while helping Mayors in building their Towns.
  5. CULTURE MINISTER The final Minister and also non-mandatory. Can create events, manage libraries and museums and works to maintain Brazil’s listed buildings with the IHGB.
Members of Parliament of Brazil
Date Senator 1/President Senator 2/Chancellor (formally Speaker) Senator 3 Senator 4 Senator 5 Senator 6 Senator 7 Senator 8 Senator 9 Senator 10 Judger
December v_Rodo None Hungrey_ Sndor MrJheck didnt exist didnt exist didnt exist didnt exist didnt exist Olivio90
January Hungrey_ TwisterSelvagem V_Rodo Rsa_Agent FonzieB NartMasterZ GreekEnderman (resigned), replaced with Marechall Ketchoop BlackBox Sndor Olivio90
February Hungrey_ TwisterSelvagem V_Rodo Niwa_Pixel FonzieB JacMacU11 Chuquenoris fisherthenoob Marechall Wenyu0622 Olivio90
March TwisterSelvagem Hungrey_ V_Rodo Niwa_Pixel FonzieB ArtistGames Chuquenoris TomatoesVThe RustyRoon Wenyu0622 Role disband
April TwisterSelvagem (resigned and replaced with Fernando_Collor) ArtistGames Marechall Niwa_Pixel FonzieB Rossome0203 Chuquenoris TomatoesVThe Luke_Show Fernando_Collor Role Disband
May Hungrey_ Marechall ArtistGames Niwa_Pixel Lxr3ty Rossome0203 TwisterSelvagem TomatoesVThe RustyRoon Fernando_Collor Role Disband
June ArtistGames Marechall Luke_Show Niwa_Pixel JohnzInnnn Rossome0203 TwisterSelvagem Jac6 Underrrr Fernando_Collor
July Rossome0203 Underrrr Marechall Gloire_Brazil JohnzInnnn 98pm TwisterSelvagem Jac6 ArtistGames Fernando_Collor
August Rossome0203 Luke_Show Marechall DomPedroll2 JohnzInnn 98pm TwisterSelvagem TomatoesVThe Underrrr Fernando_Collor

President’s Council
Date Vice President Finance Min. International Rel. Min. Defence Min. Culture Min. Infrastructure Min.
April Not implemented, unofficially Fernando_Collor v_Rodo Fernando_Collor Marechall
May ArtistGames
June Rossome0203
July Marechall 98pm Underrrr Fernando_Collor Xenomorph07 Gloire_Brazil
August Marechall Batatasmor JohnzInnnn Xenomorph07 JacMacU11


The current Constitution is a summarisation of the rules laid out by the Polls. It was written by Olivio90 and chosen on the 29th of November, 2020. It was reformed by v_Rodo to conform with the new system. Many Polls can and are considered extensions of the Constitution, though they are not added to it. A good example is Poll 180, which re-defined the role of the Speaker, or Poll 164 and its continuation, Poll 187, which created sub-divisions and states of Brazil.

Olivio90’s original Constitution

The Constitution of Brazil

Article 1, about towns

Every town has the freedom to be Democratic or Monarchic. The Democratic towns are those that are ruled by the Polls. The Monarchic towns are those that are ruled by their Mayors.

Article 2, about Polls and Proposals

Laws and projects can be made, changed, started or stopped by a Poll, also know as a Bill.

I - A Poll can be created by an external event which provokes it to be created, or by a Proposal created by a resident of Brazil.

II - A Proposal can become a Poll if it has 3 likes, considering a dislike a negative (-1) like.

III - A Poll has a minimum of 24 hours to be voted on and its maximum time is 7 days. The time will be decided by its importance.

A) A Proposal can suggest the time for a Poll.

Article 3, about property

All Property of Brazilian residents must and will be respected.

I - Nations and Towns cannot change ownership by order of a Poll.

II - No Taxes, Tributes or Fees are allowed under any circumstances.

III - Any reform that wants to undo Item II must be voted on twice by the Senate and once in a General Poll.

Article 4, about protecting Polls

If something is under discussion in a Proposal or Poll, this thing cannot be changed/destroyed/altered.

I - If someone breaks this rule, the person is automatically summoned to a trial.

Article 5, about religion

Brazil shall be a Secular state for as long as it exists.

I - Every citizen shall have the right to follow any religion they so choose.

II - No punishments nor coercion shall be bestowed to any citizen on the basis of religion.  

III - Religion shall not have a place in political discussions nor in the Parliament.

IV - The Parliament shall have no right to dictate religious beliefs.

V - Any and every religious institution shall run itself with no political interference in one way or the other.


Brazil currently borders French Guyana to the North, Inca, Amazonas and Paraguay to the West, South_America and the Ocean to the East, Argentina and Uruguay to the South.The entire coast is covered by stony hills and forests and there are some sandy beaches, it borders a warm Sea, the South Atlantic. The northwest and west of the nation are made up of dense jungle while the northeast and southwest region are covered by semiarid deserts, scrublands and savannas rich in red sand and there are noticeably large areas of Podzol in the central region. The south is the Pampa, which is a great flat plain covered in grass and good for building on.


States of Brazil
Name Population Towns Oldest Town
North 45 9 Belem
North-East 212 10 Milkyway
Central-West 211 7 Milkyway
South 40 8 Rio_de_Janeiro
South-East 5 2 Porto_Alegre
Los Pampas (Autonomous Province) 1 1 Ancapistan
Manabi (Autonomous Province) 24 2 RepDaTcheca

The states first used where made by Olivio and where Xingu, Old Brazil, New Brazil, Para Lands, Traditional Lands, Porto Alegre and Los Pampas. These where changed by a Proposal from Xenomorph07, who suggested that the nation be divided into Brazil’s real geographical regions. These are North, North-East, Central-West, South-East and South and they where implemented on the 20th of July.

Cultural Divisions

After the division of Old and New Brazil was defined, the people where, somewhat by accident, split into these groups. The division was mostly ‘cultural’ and based on slight ideological differences. Overtime, these two groups where expanded to five groups, with Middle Brazilian, Xinguist and Classic Brazilian all being added in later.

Peoples of Brazil
Name Population Summary Status
Classic Brazilians 3 The people who have been with Brazil since EMC Classic Stable
Old Brazilians 20 or more Anyone who was a resident of Brazil from its founding till Ketchoop’s Brazil Stable
Middle Brazilians 3 Residents of Brazil during Ketchoop’s Brazil Small but stable.
Xinguist 20 or less Residents of Xingu Stable
New Brazilians 500 or more Residents of Brazil who joined after the creation of the Brazilian Republic Rapidly increasing

The groups listed as ‘Stable’ are all at risk of declining as members become inactive or leave. However, though significantly rarer, the population can increase as previously gone members return. This increase seems to have occurred the most amongst the Old Brazilians.


- Old Brazil Era -

Colonial Era (Late October - November 9, 2018)

The Brazilians of EMC Classic leaderships were quite divided and never liked each other, eventually agreed to a consensus and designed an oligarchic regime which Emperor MarcoJenkins would act as a neutral balance and allow the groups to live in harmony. This newly-settled land was divided into numerous City-States, Unions and two factions. On October 28th 2018, the city of São Paulo was founded as an Urbs Antiqua. Once the consensus plan was established, these numerous City-States in 9th of November joined together to create a country that could be a great power.

In the next days a neutral town would be created to host the imperial capital, Belo Horizonte. This ‘Empire’ of Brazil was founded on November 9, 2018, with each Faction being represented in Parliament.

The First Empire (Early December 2018)

The political leaders agreed to divide the positions in the parliament according to the number of states and the distribution of population, and draft a constitution as soon as possible. During MarcoJenkins' oligarchic government Brazil was growinng, the cities growing in size and population and several railroads was built to connect Brazil from Recife to Montevideo. The city of São Paulo quickly become the second largest city on the entire continent, allowing Carlos_Dorelli to spread his influence to other nations and his group monopolize national trade.

On the other hand, the problems increased. The factions began to compete more and more and the oligarchic system did not allow the participation of other groups, while disagreements within the factions increased and the government didn't have the ability to take advantage, since Fereis had allied with Carlos. The system failed to overcome its vices and the emperor was incompetent and tendentious. The pillars of the Empire were shaked.

When the mayor of Curitiba stole sheep from the capital and didn't suffer any consequences, the imperial authority was shaken. The São Paulo faction then began to plot against the emperor, the question was who would succeed him. The integralist movement began against the emperor and the cities of Porto Alegre, Curitiba, and even São Paulo sent the monarch an ultimatum, demanding his resignation and the immediate exchange of the leadership of Brazil. He resigned.

Chaos spreads. Brazil's fate seemed uncertain and the coup had no popular support, the unsatisfied city of Rio de Janeiro left Brazil, soon after, Juazeiro also left and together created Monte Pascoal. The emperor was forced into exile and the leader of São Paulo decided to leave the country along with his followers, leaving Brazil in the hands of Heinz88.

Federal Republlic of Brazil (Mid December 2018)

As soon as he took over the nation, Heinz implemented a dictatorial republican regime. Integralist ideals, on the other hand, guided him for a short time. Seeking internal support and keeping what was left of the nation united to make its reign viable Brazi would gradually began to take make the way towards democracy, and becoming a federation (in his words: "a slow, gradual and progressive democratic opening").

In mid December 2018, he dissolved the parliament, the old constitution and dismissed the former ministers. In a few days he created the senate (whose seats would be distributed to cities instead of states) and appointed senators, each new senator should be appointed by him, and imposed a new constitution. According to Lucastorni (who wrote it) Heinz's orders were "a democracy within a dictatorship."

He created the ranks of head of senate (this position held by him indefinitely) and chancellor, appointing MareshallZorn to this new position. Over the next few weeks, Brazil would recover from its greatest political crisis and would develop again, the nation would strengthen relations with Nazi Germany and would have a greater international role, with the world giving little importance to Marco's deposition. The regime would begin to crumble due to internal quarrels and conspiracies, with exiles and members of the government constantly encouraging society's movements against the president.

Hindustani-Indian War (December 21, 2018)

After the Integralist Coup, Brazilian communities would flourish over the world, the largest community would emerge in Nashik, bringing together almost 20 Brazilians. The president tried to protect this community and the Zorn chancellery wanted to show strength, the government then repeatedly tried to force India and Sweden to respect the sovereignty of the city, including carrying out a historic diplomatic mission to the Danish capital. Despite all assurances, India continued to harass the city.

On December 21, 2018, resolving to support Hindustan, because of the relations between Brazil and the city of Nashik. India refuses the ultimatum and continues attacks on the city. There is a battle between the armies of the countries, resulting in the greatest military disaster in the country's history. An army of approximately 12 regular soldiers and two highly trusted brazilian mercenaries marched to the city, after ensuring the safety of civilians, marched to the enemy capital and started a siege, then occupied the enemy capital and demanded compensation. The Indian government contacted the mercenaries and convinced them turn against Brazil. 32Slaid and Carlos_Dorelli decimated the Brazilian troops.

The government had devoted all its political force to mobilizing the population against its enemies, not a single senator voted against the declaration of war and subsequent military intervention. With the defeat the Brazilian army had been destroyed and the popularity of the Heinz government collapsed, he was forced to accept elections for chancellor, won by the opposition. Zorn would soon go into self-exile.

Battle for Rio (December 25, 2018): a new hope

A few hours before the battle, some exiles connected to Mote Pascoal were talking about the near resignation of King PedroAlex, who probably would leave Rio and get away from Brazil. Upon learning of this, senator TwisterSelvagem met the mayor of Juazeiro RUANNVK_ to discuss a reunification after the resignation of PedroAex and discuss the democratic transition in Brazil. According to the terms, the cities that were part of Monte Pascoal would return to Brazil and receive two seats in the senate, in addition to the guarantee that they would not suffer censorship from President Heinz.

Everyone was surprised. Having been abandoned by its residents and rulers, the nation of Monte Pascoal came to a sudden end. In an attempt to recover their lost territory, the Brazilians went to Rio de Janeiro, but found resistance from the many other people who wanted to claim and loot the ruins. The Brazilians won the battle with the help of Byzantium. The battle lasted 20 hours, ending with Brazil recovering its territory on December 25. This was the first recorded battle in the entire of South America.

In recognition of the services and for alerting the government, TwisterSelvagem was given the mission to become the new mayor of Rio. After some time it became clear that british soldiers in the region were sent to guard the ruins at the behest of the king himself, at the request of xenomorph07 (then exiled in London), while the danish soldiers only wanted to loot the ruins, but ended up fighting alongside the British against the Brazilians.

Separating again (January 14, 2019)

After the King, Heinz88, censored a bill that would of improved the election, Senators TwisterSelvagem and Aettos came together to try to remove Heinz88 from the leadership of the nation.

They had a lot of ideas, but some arguments occurred and Aettos decided to make a new nation. He left the country with his city, Londrina, and founded a nation called Imperial Brazil, which they called the Empire of Brazil when in reference to its whole (the provinces, protectorates, puppet-states, dominions, etc).

TwisterSelvagem left the nation followed by 5 other Senators, which was 75% of parliament. Soon after, he founded the Confederation of Ecuador. The cities of Juazeiro, Porto Alegre, Aracaju and Recife moved to the new nation.

First Brazilian Civil War (January 15, 2019 - February 2019)

The following day, Imperial Brazil and the Confederation of Ecuador declared war on Brazil and there were battles in the territories between São Paulo, Curitiba, Londrina and Rio de Janeiro. The war was never settled in a peace treaty, but it did officially end in February. The Confederation of Ecuador eventually became known as (the) Brazil Kingdom.

The Second Empire (April 1, 2019)

TwisterSelvagem and MareshallZorn agreed to unify both Brazil Kingdom and Brazil. They would switch to a Republic and Xenomorph07 would temporarily become the President. After TwisterSelvagem announced this, the Brazil Kingdom Senate became very upset and petitioned to keep Brazil a monarchy, with TwisterSelvagem as King. The idea was approved, and Xenomorph07 was only President for a day. They proclaimed the Second Empire, but this new Brazil was simply known as Brazil, but sometimes the Empire of Brazil.

By restoring the Empire, he intended to solve all the problems that had brought the country to collapse, and which eventually resulted in the exhaustion of regimes. In Two days, together with the Senate, he summoned Lucastorni and approved the most democratic constitution in the country so far.

The first innovation in his government was ans bases of support, there were three pillars: institutional democracy, participatory democracy and state institutions. The government was now exercised by a prime minister elected by the people and subordinated to the chamber of deputies (elected by direct vote) and by the senate (oldest and most important cities), the Emperor would only have the function of supervising the independence of the powers and the army (which was subordinate to the crown but functioned independently of governments).

A meritocratic aristocracy was established and a line of succession would be created (Brazil had around 5 princes). The population elected representatives for 5 months and Brazil reached the 9th place in /n list 1. It was a period of Progress and great constructions. The Empire ended with the "death" of Molotov.

Second Brazilian Civil War (April 4, 2019 - October 28, 2020)

After the Brazil-Brazil Kingdom unification, Imperial Brazil attacked São Sebastião and Balneario Camboriu without declaring war beforehand, causing the São Sebastião Incident. After that, both sides declared war on each other. After Brazil won most of the battles, the war settled down. No peace deal was made and so the war continued as a set of small skirmishes till March 2019, when Brazil saw a massive population drop, and Imperial Brazil simply didn’t want to fight. Despite this down-period, there was no peace deals and the war was still considered ‘on-going’ till October, 2020, when Imperial Brazil fell and Brazil was declared the winner. Despite being in the midst of a war, the time between March 2019 and October 2020 is often regarded as a time of peace (but also of inactivity and ruin).

Estonian - Habsburg War (Mid April 2019)

After being asked by the Prince of Switzerland, PrestusHood, Brazil and all its provinces declared war on Estonia to join a call to arms made by House of Habsburg. Brazil’s side came victorious as Estonia surrendered and KARL465 sold it.

Switzerland Independence (Mid April 2019)

Shortly after the Estonian - Habsburg war, a series of internal conflicts and problems with the Union of Nations, PrestusHood declared a independence from Brazil, threatening with war if he was not granted his wish. TwisterSelvagem and PrestusHood solved the issue, and Switzerland’s internal issues peacefully and no fighting occurred. Switzerland re-joined Brazil a short while afterwards.

The Time of Many Kings (Mid 2019 - February 12, 2020)

TwisterSelvagem seceded in mid 2019 and he was succeeded by Molotov1234, who ruled till September. In September, Brazil was given to another King and then passed through two more Kings, before finally reaching its lowest point of two towns (Belo Horizonte and Highgarden), a total area of sixty-five chunks and only two residents.

- Middle Brazil Era -

Ketchoop’s Brazil (March - August 2020)

Map of Brazil in 31/10/2020

After nearly falling into ruin, Ketchoop claimed Rio and restored Brazil, working tirelessly on its growth. This Brazil is often called the Kingdom of Ketchoop or Ketchoop’s Brazil. This one was particularly prosperous and due to the King’s many foreign relations, Brazil steadily gained a much better international image than the one it was used to having. Until then, the other nations in Europe and North America disliked Brazil and viewed it as inactive, filled with ruins, and lacking infrastructure. Ketchoop rebuilt many of the ruins and made the place more prosperous. Ketchoop’s Brazil saw little conflict, save for a war with the hostile nation of Pakistan.

During this prosperous period, the town of Mehinaku grew greatly and eventually became the nation of Xingu on 28 August, 2020. Ketchoop attempted to bring Mehinaku back to Brazil but they did not want to rejoin so Xingu remained independent. No conflicts came from this.

Ketchoop’s Brazil became a part of Rio Grande in March and left in May, soon afterwards it became a colony of California and remained so up till the creation of the Pindorama Union.

The Beginning of the End for Middle Brazil and the Creation of the Pindorama Union (August - October 25, 2020)

The nation of Xingu was growing quickly both in territory and population, wanting to resolve all issues they had with Brazil, they called Maganother, the former Prime Minister of Brazil to their Courthouse. The Prime Minister acted as the King’s vice and right-hand-man. It was an elected role, and the people of Xingu accused Maganother of causing corruption and being voted in without the system considering any of Mehinaku's votes, and while this may seem like a systematic error, Maganother was accused of ignoring the error and possibly inciting it. At the time of the June 2020 election, when the corruption was said to have happened, Mehinaku had a higher population than rest of the country. Maganother pleaded guilty, apologised, and was sentenced to death. After the trial, the people of Xingu where ready to make a strong bond with Brazil, and created the Pindorama Union, a pact which had the plan of merging all member nations into one mega-nation, but it ended up becoming a simple military and economic pact.

The Founding of New Brazil (October 27, 2020)

On October 26, a discussion began to finally do what the Pindorama Union had originally planned to do, and merge all the member nations into one mega-nation. This new nation was referred to (in the discussions) as New Brazil, while Ketchoop’s Brazil was referred to as Old Brazil (In Early 2021, it was decided that Old Brazil would be split into two eras; Old and Middle Brazil, middle referring to Ketchoop’s Brazil. This reasoning behind this split was the ‘cultural’ and political differences between Ketchoop’s and Old Brazil). The agreement was that Para, Piaui and Los Pampas would all keep their nation status and capitals. They would be considered provinces and have extreme autonomy. The spawn of Brazil would move to Mehinaku, which was the biggest town in the union, and the nation of Xingu would be disbanded or sold. A new, one-chunk nation was put in the same space Brazil’s previous spawn in Rio, so people could TP to Rio as they had been since the beginning of Ketchoop’s Brazil. In terms of Government, New Brazil would run on Xingu’s system of Direct Democracy and all political ties to Old (Middle) Brazil would be severed. Individual towns would have the allowance to choose wether or not they wanted to join the new Democratic system or self-govern, with their Mayors and chancellors being in charge.

The fate of this plan going ahead was reliant entirely on will of the people of Xingu. The people of Xingu chose for the plan to go ahead, and the New Brazil was formed. The main nation was simply ‘Brazil’ in towny, though it called itself the Federative Republic of Brazil. The whole Mega-Nation referred to itself as the Brazilian Republic.

- New Brazil Era -

Doxxing issues (November 5, 2020)

The player Kilomberox, who had just finished up his term as Transport Minister was showered in popularity for his work in improving Brazil’s infrastructure. He decided to start a small server for Brazil’s residents to play on, PvP, and practice build. Being so popular and trusted, his server became very popular and he got a lot of players. It is not known why, but Kilomberox stole the IP of everyone who went on his server. He later doxxed former Prime Minister Maganother and revealed his IP and address on Brazil’s discord server, much to the shock of everyone. He claimed to have everyone’s IP and arguments started. A number of Tickets where made, and after becoming overwhelmed with messages and arguments, Kilomberox left Brazil’s discord and was later banned from EMC.

After a lengthy debate, and after coaxing Kilomberox into giving answers, it was agreed that the IP stealing was done only out of curiosity and there was no malicious intent. The main issue was Maganother’s overreaction, and the all the hate directed towards Kilomberox before the issue had even been properly explained. Maganother was temporarily kicked from the Discord, because he had caused several smaller debates and arguments, including accusations of treason and of someone being a spy. He had also caused arguments and debates in the past.

Port Hope Rebellion (November 16, 2020 - present)

Way before its creation, the town of Port Hope was supposed to be made in Africa, but Olivio90 humiliated himself and begged Johnny to make it in Brazil, and to show his gratitude, Olivio sent gold and helped with recruiting for Port Hope. Olivio obviously commited a terrible mistake by helping the wrong person, since untill today the history has many versions and olivio couldnt ever put an end of all the lies made by Johnny.

New Brazil, the Brazilian Republic, ran on a direct democracy system, yet the Government failed to be sure they were helping the right people. Johnnydeputy was already planning to betrayal brazil and tried to use it to share brazil apart, but no one joined his pathetical rebellion. Johnnydeputy hadnt done many good things to Brazil, but while his proposal to make an ice-road system passed, he received no more funding or help than he already had despite their being a Transport Minister, a person responsible for assisting in building this sort of thing. He demanded to have more gold than what he already had, Olivio used to spend nights and days slaving himself to make gold to grow Johnny's town, but apparently it was never enough. Olivio90 gave more than 300 gold to help the town of Port Hope to be funded, and also helped to flatten the area of Port Hope. Olivio90 also recruited people for the town of Port Hope such as Pingola.

There were defined roles and rules for Ministers, they could do anything that wasnt defined by the polls, but new players hardly could try to put an effort to understand the system since it was so different from how democracy works in real life. Because of that, there are people who says Johnny used to believe he could demand more gold by doing the poll about making an ice road, which confirms that the system wasnt that well-known by the population.

Only a few days later, on November the 16th, Johnnydeputy was trying to sell horses but he lost a sale due to the door at nation spawn, which could only be opened with a gold ingot. He went to the Discord, where he proposed that Brazil open the doors at the spawn. This gold from the door was used to refund those who got killed by Brazil’s enemies, which was mostly Cuban and Israeli hunters. The proposal did not pass because of the door’s use, and because the Prime Minister gave their opinion, which was no.

After loosing the opportunity of selling, Johnnydeputy decided by himself that port hope would become the capital of Brazil. He demanded to the prime minister and to the holder Olivio90 that the capital should be transferred to Port Hope or else he would rebel, the anwser was, again, no. In rage, he left Brazil and founded his rebel nation of South_America on November 28, 2020. The Prime Minister, Hungrey, declared war on Johnnydeputy and his rebel nation on December 11, 2020. The war is still on going, though has settled down considerably, with there being almost no conflict. Johnnydeputy once said he would destroy Brazil if his demands of becoming the new Capital were not accepted. His efforts in the war failed considerably and Brazil is internationally regarded as the winner, despite the inconclusiveness of the war. Brazil has managed to regain almost all the Gold that was given to Port Hope initially, making Johnny even more furious about his failure and provoking him to try to produce lies in order to get revenge. Even today many lies of Johnny were spread and kept, so is that he made a whole wikipedia trying to make his lie version of his small rebellion to be true, an example of this is he claims that Brazil wants war untill today, but it can be checked on logs that Brazil tried many times to be friendly, since the declaration of war was done just in one moment.

In a second moment, later, the Maganother issue started to happen. Maganother had never liked the idea of the Brazilian Republic and had fought against the union since it had began. With Johnnydeputy leaving, Maganother decided to do the same and left, along with his province, Los Pampas, in mid December, after the war on Johnny was declared. The nation of Los Pampas was given to Maganother during the early Pindorama Pact because he would not keep the deal without his own nation, but even with his promise to keep the deal, he decided to leave. Maganother hated Johnnydeputy, and so, did not join him in his rebellion, but he was still hoping that Brazil would collapse.

System Change (Late October, 2019 - January 20, 2020)

V_Rodo had been working to have the system of Government changed since Brazil’s founding. As Xingu, the Direct-Democracy system worked fine, but with various Provinces and a much larger population, so he decided to reform it using Johnnydeputy’s rebellion as an excuse for it, even if the rebellion was caused by Johnny's own greed. V_Rodo planned to change the system to Representative Democracy, removing the right to votes of normal people and making a special elite naming the Members-of-Parliament and the Attorney General.

These Members-of-Parliament would choose a person amongst them to be Prime Minister, and they would choose someone else to be the Speaker. The Prime Minister would choose a Secretary of Defence from amongst the Members-of-Parliament, and the Attorney General would (having been elected by the public) watch over the Government, enforcing the rules and dealing with corruption. This new system would continue to allow anyone to make a Proposal, and with 3 likes, it would go to the Parliament where the aforementioned people would debate it and vote on it in the form of a Poll. The Government would then implement the Proposal. 

Many Proposals where made by V_Rodo, including the creation of a Constitution, but he failed to implement a new system since it was trying to remove the right to vote of people. Knowing the pressure that could happen inside the nation because of the relations the players had with each other, on December 15, 2020, Olivio90 proposed a slow change to Representative Democracy instead of doing it all by once in a radical way. Olivio’s Proposal was passed and Rodo won the Prime Minister election on December 21. A week-long Poll was held in regards to which system would be used, and his system won. On January 20, 2021, Brazil was declared no-longer a Direct Democracy, but a Representative Democracy. Some parts of Rodo’s system where tweaked, with Members-of-Parliament being called Ministers, then Senators, the Prime Minister was re-named to President and the Attorney General was renamed to Judger. The Secretary of Defence position was not implemented.

Brazilian Wipe Genocide (February 5, 2021, - February 10, 2021)

After Fix updated the server to 1.16, he allowed only premium players access to the server for 5 days. During this time Brazil lost its main source of income, which was mob products, as 100s of mobs where de-spawning en-masse. The Leather and Milk industries were hit particularly hard when Mehinaku lost almost all of its Cows. The economic fallout was drastic enough to halt Brazil’s rapid expansion and the effects can still be felt as of Late March. Amidst the economic trouble, religion became more prominent, with it being more heavily debated and discussed.

Nepal Independence (May 2, 2021)

The Nation of Nepal, declared independence from Brazil on this day, but declaring that relations would remain positive. Since December, 2020, Nepal had been an Overseas Territory of Brazil and there had been little investment from Brazil, as its internal workings where decidedly more important. Many Brazilians where quite pleased with Nepal’s declaration of independence as this meant there was no need to worry or focus on it and Brazil could be limited to Brazil.

Foreign relations

Brazil’s Foreign relations where re-defined and organised between the 17th and 21st of April, 2021. Brazil is also a member of the ITO, an alliance of American Nations.


(Nations which have official alliances, agreements or treaties with Brazil)


(Nations Brazil considers to be on good terms with but do not share any offical relation)

  • Peru-Bolivia (unofficialized classification)
  • Argentina (Spain colony) (unofficialized classification)
  • Monaco (unofficialized classification)


(Nations Brazil is not in any sort of positive or negative relationship with)

  • All Nations which are not listed are considered to be Neutral


(Nations Brazil considers to be on bad terms with but do not share any official declaration of war or hate)

Mortal Enemies

(Nations with which Brazil has officially declared war on, or declared a hatred for)


City list

(Updated as of June 29, 2021)

Town Name Nation Mayor Residents Plots Founded
Rio de Janeiro Brazil ketchoop 1 187 March 6, 2020
Sao Paulo Brazil Gloire_Brazil 15 265 March 9, 2020
Disneyland Brazil Obungle 1 31 July 23, 2020
Macapa Brazil LittleMining 1 146 September 3, 2020
Mehinaku Brazil Olivio90 94 940 June 18, 2020
Vatican Brazil Hellomafrend 2 50 December 22, 2020
Ancapistan Los_Pampas AnotherMag 3 41 May 16, 2020
Coari Brazil Penguineface22 6 30 December 31, 2020
Porto Alegre Brazil LmaoTea 4 105 August 3, 2020
Townham Brazil RustyRoon 15 100 January 29, 2020
Bacurau Brazil Chuquenoris 3 73 November 10, 2020
Recife Brazil TwisterSelvagem 43 282 November 9, 2020
RocketLand Brazil RocketThink 10 19 October 28, 2020
Money Brazil JacmacU11 7 24 January 11, 2021
Belem Brazil Hoffman002 9 208 November 2, 2019
Osaka Brazil FonzieB 47 940 November 30, 2020
Milkyway Brazil Dufi_ 11 100 August 4, 2020
Copacabana Rio Sfinch151 1 1 October 28, 2020
Utiariti Brazil vuuly_ 2 100 December 27, 2020
Xingu Brazil AfroboiArzouma 1 60 September 24, 2020
Vitoria Brazil Marechall 4 90 January 14, 2021
France Brazil Niwa_Pixel 15 843 January 29, 2021
Fortaleza Brazil RUANVK_ 3 31 January 29, 2021
Porto Seguro Brazil Cancod100 3 11 February 13, 2021
Cuiaba Brazil FisherTheNoob 1 35 January 30, 2021
Malmaison Brazil PHP_Sensei 1 175 April 19, 2021
Hungary Brazil pam20 1 6 May 7, 2021
Kursk Brazil 98pm 98 204 May 11, 2021
Alta_Floresta Brazil johnzinnnn 70 73 May 15, 2021
Brasilia Brazil Abbersl0l 14 20 June 5, 2021
York Brazil IronMaidenator 100 11 June 15, 2021
Gamer Town Brazil dark_rat_fish 4 9 June 19, 2021
RepDaTcheca Manabi Diaxiz 23 187 June 20, 2021
Exercitus Brazil Juvanix 10 19 June 22, 2021
MonkeyResort Brazil snakyfloresty_ 4 10 June 22, 2021
GeorgeTown Brazil Dudeguyman 1 5 June 25, 2021
Nova Lisboa Brazil underrrr 8 55 July 25, 2021
Amparoo Manabi CocotaFeiaPraKrl 1 28 August 17, 2021

Notable people

Notable people who may not be in Brazil today, but whose actions and dedication forged its history.

  • P95.png Carlos_Eduardo
  • P94.png Heinz88
  • P92.png Sr_Marcola
  • P91.png Lucastorni
  • P98.png kaue_terror


Map of the Federative Republic of Brazil, late 2020

Sandor’s map of South America with a Bloated Brazil

LittleMining’s map of Brazil (Feb 16)

PrestusHood’s Map made 5th of May 2019