Brazilian Republic
Brazilian Republic
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Brazilian Republic
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National Information
Full Name Federative Republic of Brazil
National Anthem
Name in Towny Brazil
Motto "Pátria Amada"
Population 247
Chunks 2007
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Capital City FLXingu.png Mehinaku
Largest City Mehinaku
Oldest City Belem
Established November 9, 2018
Government Information
Leader Olivio90
Chancellors Ketchoop
Prime Minister v_Rodo
Political System Pure Democracy
Economic System Descentralized Capitalism
Official Language Jack1.png English

second: Portuguese

Official Religion Xinguism
Army Size 15
Dominions Piaui
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Marco_Jenkins
Past Capitals Bandeira de Belo Horizonte.png Belo Horizonte

Bandeira de Curitiba.svg.png Curitiba
Bandeira-saosebastiao.png São Sebastião
Rio de Janeiro

Brazil, officially Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil) is a nation that occupies the eastern part of South America. The main language is English but around 20 people of the nation are native brazilians and currently 14 of them are active (updated 31/10).


Brazil is currently ruled by the democratic system made with the old system that came out of the Xingu Nation.

Brazil has a democratic system where decisions are taken by all the residents (with the same power and influence) by polls in the nation discord server, the King only power's is to create polls. Therefore, the King's power is purely symbolical.

2. Every resident has the right for one plot to build his house. The propiety of a resident is respected above everything. Not even the mayor is able to change a block in a resident's plot. The only exception is if the resident has scammed other resident.

3. The government counts with the residents colaboration in gold at the Bank, but in charge of that, every resource of the government is meant to be for everyone, but one cannot have it all, so the government trys to share the resources in a quantity that wont affect other players.

4. The other towns can agree to join the democratic system or to be monarchic, but their residents will still have the right to vote. Currently, only the towns of Brasilia, Mehinaku, Naruvotu and RocketLand are democratic and therefore the polls can rule over them, and the council (ministers) activity can only work on these towns, but when it comes to the nation's issues, the polls can decide everything even though those towns are part of the nation.

5. A poll (poll number 27) was created making the Ministers system, where ministers can act when something emergencial happens. Every month, elections are up to candidates who can be elected by other people. Check below the terms of the poll:

  1. DEFENSE MINISTER Has the power to prepare the army and make the strategies in case of war. If there is a war, he is also able to elaborate attacks without having to ask for polls. He can also build anything related to make defenses or preparations for the town without having to ask for polls.
  2. TRANSPORT MINISTER Has the power to make anything related to roads/streets/international roads and things like that without having to ask for the polls.
  3. JUSTICE and INTERNATIONAL MINISTER Has the power to claim the Courthouse to make judgements, on which he will be the main judger +2 other random residents. He is also responsible for representing our nation worldwide and make any decisions about alliances or enemies. Obs: If a nation invites Brazil to be their ally, who is going to anwser the request is this minister and not the "King Olivio" as many Monarchic nations might belive due to do not know how a democratic system works.
  4. ACTIVITY MINISTER Responsible for keeping active people in the town. Can make funny events to make sure people wont leave, can invite new residents and kick inactive ones. He can also edit the inactive-list channel in this discord server.
  5. BUILDING MINISTER Responsible for making the town look better. He can rebuilt any public structures and project the new ones, can also determinate the new plots bought by someone be used for roads.
  6. COMMERCIAL MINISTER Responsible for be sure our nation is a good comercial point, one tries to make people come to our N spawn and to somehow help the town to get more gold and keeping our nation's economy without taxes.
  7. PRIME MINISTER Responsible for all things above.
  8. AGRICULTURAL MINISTER. (created recently by poll number 54) is the one responsable to assure everyone in the nation will have agricultural goods such as sugar cane, cactus, flowers and etc. This minister power is limited to what the Comercial Minister allow him to do.
  9. Culture minister (created by poll number 60). Is the one responsible for writting books and increasing museums in the democratic towns.


The ministers has the power to decide anything related to their content as it was the result of a poll. If 2 ministers argue to each other, it will be decided by the prime minister. Any poll can be annulated by 4 ministers if they vote together to do it. If there is a poll, the poll rules over the minister's will. Only residents of a town with more 20 people can be candidates to Prime Minister. The minister system started on 01 october with the poll number 27 of the direct democracy, proposed by Kilomberox. The ministers elected by the people, in the first election time, counted with more than 50 votes.

OCTOBER Getfrosted (resigned) sndor (formally yt_sandor) FelipeJmar GloireEtDouleir Hungrey_ Kilomberox (resigned) not created not created xCQB
NOVEMBER AfroboiArzouma Hungrey_ Ketchoop sndor (formally yt_sandor) Hungrey_ MagAnother (resigned) SirSneazy StrangeAlien0 v_Rodo
DECEMBER Luke_Show Hungrey_ Mr.Jheck Mr.Jheck V_Rodo TwisterSelvagem None None None


Brazil currently borders French Guyana to the north, Inca, Amazonas and Paraguay to the west

and Choca and Argentina to the south.

The entire coast is covered by forests and have few stripes of sand, it borders a warm water ocean. The northeast and southwest region are covered by semiarid desert rich in red sand and there are noticeable podzol banks on central region.


Foundation (November 9, 2018)

In October 28th 2018, the city of São Paulo is founded as an Urbs Antiqua. Some time later, in November 9th of 2018, the nation Brazil is created as a monarchy.

End of the First Empire (Early December 2018)

Over time, smaller cities began to decline and cities with members in parliament grew and benefited. With this, an integralist movement, led by Heinz88, began a coup against the government. The cities of Porto Alegre, Curitiba, and São Paulo sent the monarch an ultimatum, demanding their resignation and the immediate exchange of the leadership of Brazil. He resigned and Heinz88 took the lead.

Followed by the Coup, the unsatisfied city of Rio de Janeiro leaves Brazil, soon followed by Juazeiro, funding their own Nation based around the old Brazilian Monarchist system, "Monte Pascoal", also know as The Empire of Brazil, causing tensions and even skirmishes between both countries.

Brazil Becomes Federation (Mid December 2018)

In December 2018, Brazil abandons the Integralist ideals and gradually begins to take its first steps as a federation. Later, a new constitution is drafted and the country officially has its elections for chancellor. The Brazilian Federation officially started.

Hindustani-Indian War (December 21, 2018)

On December 21, 2018, resolving to support Hindustan, because of the relations between Brazil and the city of Nashik. India refuses the ultimatum and continues attacks on the city. There is a battle between the armies of the countries, where Brazil wins.

Days passed after that without the Indians initiating new attacks. Therefore, on December 26, Brazil officially deploys its troops from the territory of the city of Nashik.

Corruption Scandals (December 23, 2018)

On December 23, the player Aettos bought the city of Brasilia from its current rulers. The purchase lasted approximately two hours and during that time, several chests of players were looted. After the purchase ended, they left the country to found their own city, Antarctica.

A player named Luigihero1 appeared before Aettos became the mayor and discovered that several objects were missing in their chests. He denounced the former mayor, claiming that he was the only one who could have opened his chest. It was at that time, that YanSTS, the former mayor's partner decided to give him a gold sum to keep him quiet.

The other day, BlackQuartz realized that his items had also disappeared. Talking to luigihero1 he revealed the whole truth. The two sought out Mayor Aettos and set up a plan to reveal the truth.

BlackQuartz went to YanSTS and asked for the same proposal. YanSTS tried to pretend, but eventually accidentally revealed the truth. The two stolen then revealed the truth to the Brazilian leader, none the less, as they fled to Antartica, they were never judged.

Battle for Rio (December 25, 2018)

After being abandoned by its residents and rulers, the nation of Monte Pascoal comes to an end. Resolving to recover their lost territory, Brazilians take the territory, facing resistance from other people who wanted to do the same. The entire territory was recovered on 25 December.

Separating again (January 14, 2019)

After the head of state, Heinz88, censoring a bill to advance the election, Senators TwisterSelvagem and Aettos came together to try to remove Heinz88 from the leadership of the nation.

They had a lot of ideas, but Aettos decided not to do anything authoritatively because that would make him as bad as Heinz88. Going against the ideas of TwisterSelvagem, he left from the country with his city, Londrina, and founded nation called Imperial Brazil.

TwisterSelvagem left the nation followed by 5 parlamentarians, making the parliament lose 75% of its power. Soon after, he founded the Confederation of Ecuador. The cities of Juazeiro, Porto Alegre, Aracaju and Recife moved to the new nation.

First Brazilian Civil War (January 15, 2019 - February 2019)

The following day, Imperial Brazil and the Confederation of Ecuador declared war on Brazil and there were battles in the territories between São Paulo, Curitiba, Londrina and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil-Brazil Kingdom Unification (April 3, 2019)

TwisterSelvagem and MareshallZorn agreed to unify both Brazil Kingdom and Brazil. They would make Xenomorph07 temporary president and would call elections, making Brazil a republic. After TwisterSelvagem announced this, the Brazil Kingdom senate got upset and made a new referee to revert Brazil back to monarchy. The referee was approved by all senators, deposing Xenomorph07 and TwisterSelvagem was crowned king of Brazil.

Second Brazilian Civil War (April 4, 2019 - April 8, 2019)

After the Brazil-Brazil Kingdom unification, Imperial Brazil attacked São Sebastião and Balneario Camboriu without declaring war before, causing the São Sebastião Incident. After that, both sides declared war on each other. After Brazil won most of the battles, the war settled down. No peace deal was made and the war still going on after being almost a month old.

Estonian - Latvian War (Mid April 2019)

After being asked by Switzerland prince PrestusHood, Brazil and all its provinces declared war on Estonia to join a call to arms made by House of Habsburg. Brazil side came victorious as Estonia surrendered and KARL465 sold his nation.

Switzerland Independence War (Mid April 2019)

Because of internal conflicts and problems with Union of Nations, PrestusHood declared a independence war on Brazil. TwisterSelvagem and PrestusHood solved the conflict peacefully as no battle happened. Switzerland joined the Brazilian commonwealth once again.

The Old Brazil - The Reestablishment (January 2020)

Map of Brazil in 31/10/2020

After all the conflits Brazil had, the population of the Country went to a really small number of a few people. Due to that, Ketchoop took the nation and worked on making it grow back. The Kingdom of Ketchoop was prosperous and the King used to have a lot of foreign conections, making Brazil have a better image with the external world than it used to be. Untill nowadays other nations in Europe and in North America still dislike Brazil due to its past. Ketchoop rebuilt all the ruins from the region and make the place more prosperous. It also had some conflits with the hostile nation of Pakistan. During this prosperous period of Ketchoop kingdom, the Crown saw the independence of Mehinaku, one of its towns, becomming the Nation of Xingu.

The New Brazil - Brazilian Republic (October 2020)

The nation of Xingu was growing quickly both in territory and population but had some conflits with Brazil specially cause of the Prime Minister, the King's helper second hand. The nation sued Maganother to be judged on its courthouse and the sentence was the Death Sentence by beeing elected without considering Mehinaku's votes, which had more people inside than all the rest of the country together. After the trial, the people of Xingu was ready to make a strong bond with the capital Rio de Janeiro. The relations with Xingu only got better, after the approvation of a Poll that signed the Pindorama Union, a pact that would make all of the nations part of the same nation, but it end up as colaboration pact. The same pact evolved into something new: an agreement that would make Xingu and Brazil merged into the New Brazil, it means a democratic one, named Brazilian Republic with the capital in Mehinaku.

The Govern system on 2019

Brazil military are divided into a official army, principalities armies and militias. The official army have 3 ranks: Colonel, Captain and Soldier. The colonel leads the entire army and send orders to the captains. Captains lead a squad of soldiers and each squad have a specific purpose like cavalry or navy.

The principalities armies are led by leaders of Brazil's principalities and have their own hierarchy system. Militias also take their part on Brazil military but they does not count as official part of the army because and are independent to choose to join Brazil army on wars or not.

Leader list

Empire of Marco_Jenkings (November 2018 - December 2018)

Dictatorship of Heinz88 (December 2018 - February 2019)

Dictatorship of MareshallZorn (February 2019 - April 2019)

Republic of xenomorph07 (April 2019)

Empire of TwisterSelvagem (May 2019 - March 2020)

Republic of ketchoop (March 2020 - October 2020)

The Direct Democracy of Olivio90 (October 2020 - present)

Foreign relations

(Updated as of January 14, 2021)

Brazil is a member of the ITO, an alliance of American Nations.

Friendly relations:

Hostile relations


City list

(Updated as of January 14, 2021)

Town Name Nation Mayor Residents Plots Founded
Río de Janeiro Brazil ketchoop 2 185 March 6, 2020
Sao Paulo Brazil GloireEtDouleir 17 167 March 9, 2020
Disneyland Brazil Obungle 2 31 July 23, 2020
Macapa Brazil LittleMining 1 68 September 3, 2020
Campinas Brazil v_Rodo 3 49 October 30, 2020
Mehinaku Brazil Olivio90 97 886 June 18, 2020
Vatican Brazil Niwa_Pixel 1 1 December 22, 2020
Paranagua Los_Pampas AnotherMag 1 32 May 16, 2020
Coari Brazil Rockett_MAN007 2 18 December 31, 2020
Porto Alegre Brazil LmaoTea 2 55 August 3, 2020
Townham Brazil RustyRoon 1 40 January 29, 2020
Bacurau Brazil Luke_Show 7 39 November 10, 2020
Recife Brazil TwisterSelvagem 5 90 November 9, 2020
RocketLand Brazil RocketThink 5 13 October 28, 2020
Ponte De Sor Brazil xCQB 1 6 January 11, 2021
Belem Brazil Hoffman002 5 82 November 2, 2019
Paz Brazil rsa_agent 2 5 January 10, 2021
Osaka Brazil FonzieB 84 55 November 30, 2020
Milkyway Piaui goofymilk 5 91 August 4, 2020
Copacabana Rio Sfinch151 1 1 October 28, 2020

Notable people

Notable people who may not be in Brazil today, but whose actions and dedication forged its history.

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