Finnmark was founded by Inari's owner _firetruck_ on the 6th of January 2020. It was the 2nd nation of the 2020's. Finnmark was founded to serve as an alternative for Greater Finland.


Finnmark's capital, Inari was a part of the Kalmar Union until it declared independence on the sixth of January, 2020.

Later Finnmark got into a war situation with Novgorod. the war lasted only a few minutes, and the only battle was the Battle of Inari. The war ended with no conclusion, but it is considered a victory for Finnmark, because Novgorod got disbanded a few days later.

Finnmark was sold to Finland and disbanded on 16 April. The town of Inari joined Finland.

Borders and cities

Here you will see facts about the cities:


Capital of Finnmark and home to P.M. and the Leader.

Inari was the biggest city of Finnmark by size.


Home of J1K. Järvenpää has the best metro station of the nordic countries.

Foreign relations


Finnmark had a lot of allies, because the nation first joined The Northern Lights Alliance, and later the United Atlantic States.

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