First Battle of Aksaray

This is the first battle between the Ottoman Empire and Byzantium.This battle was the result of the disagreements upon the border deal.Phillybob777 mustered a couple men thinking such numbers could defeat a newly established nation in Central Anatolia. He was so arrogant that he didn't even consider this new nation to shake his authority.

So he approached the city of Aksaray along with his loyal bannermen.Upon seeing this the Sultan of the Ottomans,Grixwea mustered his own army to the capital city of Aksaray.They were ready to engage in combat but both sides were waiting for the first blow to happen. Just in that moment skater2323 of Niger appeared in the city. He offered his help to the Ottomans and the Sultan accepted.

The Byzantines were shocked when the Ottomans all ran up to them swinging their swords bravely defending their capital with honor putting their lives to this cause.Soon enough they repelled all the Byzantine forces and made the Augustus ran away to his nearest city while his exarchs all ran away in fear.The Ottomans showed their authority over the Central Anatolia was unshakable.

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