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1.开战原因( Reason for WAR )

在战争爆发前,C.P.U(Chinese Peoples Utopia) 的成员F217单枪匹马袭击辽国大将军Crackk_。并成功击杀Crackk。导致CPU进行了战争动员

随后战争战争正式打响。 CPU半数人员(4人) 进入牡丹江作战 遭遇辽国10人抗击

战况迅速蔓延 这也是前"大辽联盟"(现中华联合共和国)与CPU(Chinese peoples Utopia) (disbanded while CobetKhei staged a coup )正面开战。

BEFORE THE WAR ,C.P.U (Chinese Peoples Utopia) member F217 (Akk February) Killed Crackk_ in solo
Crackk slain by f217
2020-03-09 17.14.19

Then the war began.Half of the CPU (4 people) gathered in mudan jiang confronted by 10 Liao Peoples

It was also the first time that the former GREAT Liao alliance (now the united republic of China) fought the C.P.U (Chinese People Utopia)


   即使是在安全区的附近,辽国的7名成员依旧被C.PU成员悉数斩杀 以下是死亡名单 Eternal_Wind (辽国现任国王) Crackk_ (辽国主帅) HKjeffrey1012(丹东市长)  _Star_Kirby(辽附属国元国国王)  Violet_Moon123(原商国叛军)  Dream_Hell Aisu_Faiya(大连市长。 (其中__2B2T__ 又名 owo_alice摇摆不定,不敢出门迎战)
Star Kirby

Even in the vicinity of the safe zone, all 7 liao members were killed by the C.P U members. Here is the list Eternal_Wind (King Of liao ) Crackk_ (liao general) HKjeffrey1012 (dandong mayor) _Star_Kirby ( yuan kingdom king) Violet_Moon123 (former shang king) Dream_Hell Aisu_Faiya (dalian mayor)


3.战争收尾 In the End

最后,在CPU上位第一人 Cobetiesly 与开国功臣Ylome两位顶尖pvper上线后。 辽国的信心彻底被击溃。

除了Crackk_仍旧奋战,其他人离开pvp区域脱战。 而CPU全员在修葺好毁坏的地形后。为辽国所有死去的英灵制作了墓碑,并全员合影。

At the end, after the Cobetiesly and Ylome , the two top pvpers of C.P.U Come online.And Casper (niger) Came. Liao's confidence was completely destroyed Collapse

With the exception of Crackk_ still fighting, others are leaving the PVP area.While the CPU is in the repair of the damaged terrain.Made tombstones for all the dead heroes of liao, and took a group photo.

4.战损 KDA

辽国 (Liao)

Crackk slain by f217
Crackk_ 辽宁远市长
_Star_Kirby 辽附属国元国王
HKjeffrey1012 辽丹东市长

Eternal_Wind  辽国国王

Aisu_faiya 辽大连市长

Dream_Hell 辽幽州府管理
$-`A)--N06 `WI9-36YRJ-K
Violet_Moon123 亲辽派前商国王


无人死亡 No one died


C.P.U Took screenshot with the grave of 7 dead liao fellows
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