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The First Indochina War or the War of Independence in Malaysia and Northern Vietnam was a conflict mainly based in mainland Southeast Asia which started on the 27th of October 2020 with the declaration of war on Malaysia and on Vietnam on the 29th of October by Indochina because of the creation of Malaysia and then the creation of the New Kingdom of Vietnam which was considered a breach of Indochinese territory.

After the creation of Malaysia on the 25th of October, a vote was held in the Indochinese Parliament to declare Malaysia a rebel nation of Indochina, which was passed. Two days later, Indochina declared war on Vietnam for the creation of the town of Dong_Ha on the coast of Vietnam.


Indochina continued to live in peace after the end of The Kampuchean War with only one occurrence of a potential conflict with Singapore at the beginning of October as they had placed a town in Indochinese Sumatra and wanted to continue expanding North up the Malaysian peninsula but with a treaty and a border agreement signed between Indochina and Singapore, peace was kept between the two.

Vietnam was then created on the 24th of October but their capital, Hanoi, was partly in China, with this in mind, Indochina attempted to negotiate with them and hoped to get them to expand North into China instead of South into Indochinese territory. With the agreement with Singapore, many felt that Indochina was cheated and could've kept a lot of more land. So when Malaysia was created to the North of Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of October and began to expand by placing towns across the Malaysian peninsula, the Indochinese Government had to put their foot down to preserve their territorial integrity and declared Malaysia a rebel nation on the 27th.

On the 29th of October, Vietnam had placed a town named Dong_Ha to the South of Vinh which caused Indochina to declare them a rebel nation as well.

Rival Sides

The Commonwealth and several members of The Rajasa Pact supported the Indochinese in fighting Malaysia and Vietnam with many volunteers from the nation members of both alliances aiding the Indochinese in battles. Malaysia and Vietnam were supported by Singapore and created ASEAN to rival The Rajasa Pact. Whilst Singapore supported both Malaysia and Vietnam, they never officially declared war on Indochina in support of their allies.

Course of the War

War Breaks Out (October 2020)

With the war breaking out with Malaysia, Indochina began to constantly harass the Malaysians when they were outside claims. Malaysia chose to not fight Indochina with hopes of making the Indochinese bored with attempting of fighting. When Vietnam was brought into the war, Indochina attacked Dong_Ha, causing many Vietnamese causalities and tried to attack Hanoi but the Vietnamese mainly stayed in claims and only left when they knew they were safe from being attacked.

On October 30, the town of Kantuan was created by Malaysia to further try cement their claims in the Malayan peninsula.

On October 31, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Indochina, existingbeing went to Hanoi and was inevitably trapped by the Vietnam and killed by wither roses which was seen as a cowardly move by Indochina.

Continued Indochinese Success (November 2020)

At the beginning of November, Indochina and their allies had killed around 52 Malaysians and Vietnamese which continued to motivate them to continue fighting the war.

On the 2nd of November, Vietnamese citizen Sparkar was banned from the server for "2.8 Sharing Links". Sparkar, annoyed at the situation ongoing with Indochina had sent an IP grabber to King Fluxeeh causing him to be banned. Vietnam afterwards started to slowly fall into inactivity with less people logging on every day.

Malaysia continued on the war attempting to avoid fights with the Indochinese, most notably, 32Based was the most active Malaysian player and eventually left the nation to move Vietnam and then ended up in Minnesota.

On November 21, Indochina approached the mayor of Dong_Ha, BNG_YAZ4 and convinced him to leave Vietnam and join Indochina, this worked and Indochina had taken back the town Vietnam had used to violate their borders with but still chose to continue on the war against them.

Phoney Period and the Fall of Vietnam (December 2020)

In December, fighting had essentially ceased due to Malaysia and Vietnam growing more inactive by each day, so much so that the Malaysian town of Johor_Bahru had fallen into ruin.

On the 17th of December, the nation of Vietnam was disbanded. There was mixed reactions from both sides, Indochina had already knew that Vietnam was eventually going to disband at some point because of the inactivity which plagued their nation, they thought the nation being disbanded was good and a closer movement towards peace in the peninsula. Singaporean citizen XPadpai was unhappy with Indochinese citizen - Char's statement about Vietnam getting disbanded - (Note that it was manually disbanded, not due to inactivity)

Malaysian collapse and end of the war

On 11 May 2021, six and a half months after the beginning of the war, Malaysia finally disbanded which meant that the war was officially over.