First conflict of UTF - conflict that started in Jonessborg, at 13th May, capital of UTF. (13.05.19 - 15.05.19)

Player SylvaTooth attacked the president - mikolllaj60 (for current time, former president). mikolllaj60 a lot of conrecete, diamond tools, armor and most importantly, 35 gold ingots which were stolen by SylvaTooth - it is probably the reason, why did he kill him. mikolllaj60 couldnt do anything as he was just building. A bit later, this information was approved and it spreaded really fast on UTF discord and EarthMcLive. As SylvaTooth was Somersetian player, a lot of UTF citizens started saying "Somerset gay" and "Somerset is gay". As SylvaTooth was threatening chancellor of UTF - Ferrarinu (current King) by attacking, he asked his allies to help. Immediately, Wilabum and lyonc (JustBeHonest) came to the capital with full god armor and they keeped saying "Somerset is gay". The reason why Sylva was attacking is player Purpey, which was also killed. It is still unknown, although by SylvaTooth`s words he was threatening him and saying "you will pay for this %%%%%" but, however Purpey didnt approve this version. SylvaTooth also said he won`t come alone.

A bit later, President asked refunding his tools and gold, but Ex0dia, leader of Somerset said "no". Just nothing more. It was stupid to keep fighting with them.

Attacks stopped coming, but UTF continued insulting UTF, but it was minor. From 16th of May, this war, or, technically conflict was stopped entirely, only minor jokes are written in chat.


  • In Calafate town, there were 3 signs placed. They all said "somerset succ and gay".
  • Three persons died in this war in UTF, 0 persons died in Somerset.
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