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Fix is an EarthMC Owner, Fix has a very strong Swedish accent in real life, is a dedicated memer, and long-time friend of KarlOfDuty as well as 1212ra. He is the owner of the server and the website

Fix is also the chief deity of Neo-Fixism.


Fix is a very ambitious man loaded with crazy ideas.


[Work in progress, very long history]

Founding era



Fix had launched EMC for donators

Initial unpopularity


Beginning of Popularity


Terra Nova



None because he constantly spreads fear throughout the server. He is forever alone, :(


"Play the EarthMC or you might break your knee" time: always but never.

"helll" 2016-08-29

"I wished [sic] that I had a working mic" 2020-01-5

"Sign shops are back" - all the time

"Thanks for playing my minecraft server" 2019-12-29

"If you bought anything from columbia, do not make a ticket" 2019-10-27

"Lag is the main attraction point of EMC" 2019-08-29

"Who broke my minecraft server" 2019-10-18

"I'm fixing the things" 2019-07-25

"I have no plans to reset the map. We have only changed map once when we rebuilt the server from the ground up" 2019-03-10

"Welcome back to my minecraft server!" - 2020-01-26



  • Fix likes to flex that he has a big minecraft server and has allegedly told his family about it. "Yes I have told my family about my minecraft server"[1]
  • Fix is the owner of the biggest "swedish" minecraft server.[2]
  • He had spent 2 months traveling around Southeast asia/japan[3].
  • Fix has likely made hundreds of thousands of dollars just from the queue.
  • Fix has always been "dreaming about starting a toxic Minecraft server" to manage[4].
  • Fix lives on top of the bedrock layer of the Nether
  • Fix occasionally lives up to his name, sometimes he doesn't.
  • Fix has won the last golf world cup
  • Fix is the God and Saviour of block kind
  • It is highly likely that him swimming in the Baltic was responsible for the 1982 Hårsfjärden incident
  • Fix is genetically related to every bee on the server
  • Endermen avoid making eye contact with Fix
  • Fix bought his username from a person named AppleProducts
  • Fix is actually a Minecraft person in real life
  • Do /t invite Fix when he's online and he will definitely join your town