Fixism is the belief in the god of Fix. It's Speaker is Tito_zz. A Speaker is the person which tells the people the words he received from Fix. It is the equivalent to a Pope, Patriarch, ... .

The Word

The Word is the holy book of the religion. It was originally written by Fix, but only on a paper roll. This paper roll was made of very sensitive paper, which easily ripped and wore off. So it was copied, in its entirety, by Tito_zz.


Fixism started when a player called Tito_zz went mining near Córdoba, La Plata. He thought it would be a normal day, but it wasn't. At some point, the God Fix appeared and spoke the following, now holy words:

Hello. Thy name of me is Fix. I am your god. You will have me, only me, as thy god. I have come to give you thy holy roll. You have been selected out of ye worldes populace. Treat them with caution. ~ Fix
These words of the holy roll have been written down in The Word.

Holy Sites

Currently, the only Holy Site is Córdoba.

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