The Kingdom of Flanders-Wallonie (in spanish: Reino de Flandes y Valonia, in french: Royaume de Flandres et de Wallonie), alternatively Flanders-Wallonia is one of the constituent kingdoms of the Spanish Empire, located between France,Netherland and the german region.


Flanders, the capital, was founded sometime in late November 2018 by NigelFarage666 after he left California for the Netherlands, with spanish provisions and support.

The Kingdom, however, couldn't join Spain until December 6th, 1 day after the re-establishment of the spanish nation. A bit before, Akame_Jinsoku, future king of Flanders-Wallonia had joined the town, who helped NigelFarage666 a lot in building Flanders.

Soon after, the spanish king Alfonso I made of Flanders-Wallonia the military powerhouse of the Spanish Empire, and expanded over the area, annexing Utrecht. The town of Leeuwarden was acquired for 32 gold, which completed spanish dominance over the dutch region.

On December 5, NigelFarage666 left Flanders-Wallonia and went to America, where he would make Lima. Since then, the current king of Flanders-Wallonia is Akame I.

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