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Flotix_, or just Flotix, is an EMC Player from Britain and a member of the Justice League.

Early Days

More info coming soon.

Moving Up in Britain

Flotix joined Oslo under the mayorship of Tomm__. Lasting only a fortnight there, he went on to found the town of Stavanger.

After joining Oslo for 1-2 Weeks he created Stavanger and the first thing he did there was building the Stavanger Art Museum, then he started on building homes for new players. 16 Days after creating Stavanger, he started on building on an ice line which connects to Byglands and Bergen and it finally got finished at the start of April, when a player called Superjosh0, which started building new icelines joined Britain. After the fall of Militia he claimed parts of it , which gave me a lot of new space for building new lines and he started on building one to Leeuwarden (Frisia today) and one from Yorkshire to Slesvig.

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