Fluxify I is the first King of Siam and was succeeded by Raj Prasong Rama II until he returned to the thorne on August 11th 2019.

At the beginning of his reign, Siam was barely formed at the time and he helped the nation get onto its feet. He was the head of state during the build-up of the nation and is still the head of state to this day.

His second reign when the people wanted him to return to Siam to bring the nation back to greatness which he agreed to and began his second reign on the 11th of August 2019.


Beginning of his Reign

Fluxify became King on the 15 November 2018 as the nation was planned by himself and Augusta Florene, known at the time as Byzantine Thailand. He appointed Jump_Fox to be the Chief of the Royal Siamese Army (Then the Royal Thai Army) .

The nation was created on December 2nd 2018 by Fluxify. The next day he would approach Malaysia with plans on discussing the border between the two nations, a disagreement ensued causing tension between the two nations. Fluxify escalated the situation by forming the town of Hat Yai just South of the border proposed by Malaysia, this was further escalated when Malaysia claim blocked the city and sent troops down there to patrol the area. Fluxify himself went down to the town and was attacked unarmed and was attacked and said "This is how Malaysia treats peaceful protests against them."

Vietnam had collapsed and Fluxify decided it would be best to annex the territory and split it up into fair and equal regions which he did so. He then announced a plan to connect up all the towns with paths and then in the future railroads. However some towns wanted to re-create Vietnam which was accepted by Siam and the plan was fixed to match the borders of the two nations.

Fluxify involved himself and Siam in many overseas wars during his first reign such as the Byzantine-Albanian War and The Great Balkan War. He also fought in wars closer to home such as the Siamese-Khmer War.

Fluxify was praised for his efforts of de-escalating the Hainan Crisis. Qin sought to reannex Hainan after they had left and Fluxify stepped in to solve the situation between both parties.


On the 27th of May 2019, Fluxify I announced his abdication, replacing him was Raj Prasong II. Fluxify I stated that he had no time to focus on the nation anymore and was happy to keep the nation going under a new leadership.

Return to Siam

Fluxify returned to Siam after several months of decline in activity and power and has been reigning ever since.


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