Fort Mackenzie is a small logging town located in northwest Canada. The town's primary focus is peacefully expanding into a Canadian superpower through the means of fair trade, and of course, "the grind".


Early History 

Fort Mackenzie was established in November 2019 by mayor da_bogner.

The Mackenzie River

Work in progress

Affiliation with the Federation of Slave

From the very beginning, citizens of Fort Mackenzie have been set on creating their own nation. After weeks of saving up gold, struggling to trade with other nations due to the lack of teleportation ability, they finally decided to become part of the Federation of Slave.


Spawn Outpost - EST NOV 2019

The spawn outpost was one of the first buildings constructed in the newly founded town.

Storage Bunker - EST NOV 2019

The storage bunker was a project initially started by cwb2013, however, due to his frequent inactivity on the server at the time, da_bogner took over and turned it into the beautiful structure it is today. When cwb2013 was active on the server again, he took the project back and set up all the storage systems inside.

Lumber Mill


Notable People

  • da_bogner
    • da_bogner is the founder and mayor of the town. He has done a majority of the town's above-ground building and chunk claiming. da_bogner is also responsible for the construction of the Mackenzie River, which was not present before he joined the server.
  • cwb2013
    • cwb2013 is one of the first members of Fort Mackenzie

City Subdivisions


The Fort Mackenzie marketplace was initially established as the town's trading headquarters for its main export: lumber. The marketplace currently has one stand which sells every type of wood the game has to offer.

Official Shop (Slavington)

Fort Mackenzie also has an official shop located in Slavington for ease of travel. Players can use the command "/n spawn Slave" to arrive in the center of the capital. The Official Fort Mackenzie shop is located just around the corner.

Prices (for either shop)

  • Any lumber (Oak, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark oak, and Spruce)
    • 1g for 3 stacks (196 logs)

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