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France is an old and famous nation located in western Europe. It was founded in early access on October 28, 2018 by MLGTerra and is the second oldest surviving nation on the server, only Britain is older. The name France refers to both the Kingdom of France and all of her Vassals and Overseas Territories/Colonies. As of the time of typing this, which is the 16th of January 2022, the current King of France is Empereur Mégali I.


French claims on September 17th, 2021.

Metropolitan France

Metropolitan France is considered to be France's core territory, it's borders does not correspond with IRL France's borders and consisting of the Kingdom of France and her Vassals:

  • The Kingdom of France
  • The Principality of Monaco

The Kingdom of France

The Kingdom of France, known simply as France in-game, is the largest nation in France by landmass it has claims to, landmass it has actually claimed and by population. The Kingdom of France has claims to all of mainland France, the Island of Corsica, a large portion of the Benelux, and the Western Rhineland, but only controls less than half of it.

The Kingdom of Switzerland

The Kingdom of Switzerland...

The Principality of Monaco

The Principality of M, known simply as Monaco in game, has no defined claims. Since it is a city-state, any territory currently claimed by the town is deemed as part of Monaco and any territory not currently claimed by the town is deemed as not part of Monaco. France has not defined any border that Monaco may expand to (yet) although it has been stated that Monaco may only consist of the town of Monaco and no more.

Overseas Territories

Overseas Territories are defined as any non-core territory owned by France. There are three types of Overseas Territories: Colonies, Dominions and Protectorates. Currently, the Protectorate of Antarctic is the only French Overseas Territory, reason being is that the citizens who previously owned other Overseas Territories have returned to Metropolitan France out of their own choice.

The Protectorate of Antarctic

The Protectorate of Antarctic is a nation at the very southern-most point on the server. Its capital is Endton and is lead by Someone_Better, a previous King of France during the reign of Emperor Caeso. Antarctic is a fully fledged nation that decided to remain part of France when Someone_Better took over the nation from 32Vache and because of close ties between SB and many French Citizens. The protectorate left France on May 27, 2020.

Territory Terms

  • Vassals - Vassals are Nations that are part of Metropolitan France, excludes France itself. They may or may not have a governing body of their own.
  • Colonies - Colonies are Nations that are governed directly by the French Government.
  • Dominions - Dominions are Nations that have their own, usually simple government but relies on France for Foreign Affairs and Military Assistance.
  • Protectorates - Protectorates are Nations that have their own government, manage their own Foreign Affairs and aren't required to participate in any wars France is in,  likewise the French Government isn't required to assist them in their wars, yet have chosen to be part of France out of their own free will and have access to French-Only roles in the France Discord.


The French Government has gone through many changes throughout its long history, as of the 12th of August 2021st it is a constitutional monarchy.

Government Officials

Emperor - MegaliMan

Dauphin - Armenus

Prime Minister - MechaMan

Minister of Internal Affairs


Mister of Internal Affairsjz

Government Positions

The President

The President is the person in charge of the Government, essentially they are in charge of the actual running of the nation and are solely responsible for any action the Government takes. This means that if any problems related to France arise, be it internal problems or foreign opinions, the President is responsible for taking the blame as it is the President who is responsible for the Government that runs the country. The President is elected to this position by a popular vote of the French people.

The Ministers

The Ministers are Senators elected in by other members of the Senate to lead a Ministerial Sector. There is no limit to the number of times a Senator can run for a Ministry position.

The Roi

The Roi, otherwise known as the King, is a symbolic figure, symbolizing France's history. Their role is to, act as a purely symbolic figurehead of the nation. In the Government, the Roi has no power.

The Senators

The Senators consist of all French Mayors and any one else the Cabinet deems fit to give the role to, this is set to change in the near future. The role of the Senators is to participate in debates and offer feedback on any legitimate proposals given (so no meme proposals.)

Government Sectors

The Cabinet

The cabinet is the executive governing body in France, it consists of the President and all French Ministers and the King who oversees the meetings. It is dually responsible for the day to day governing of France with the Senate.

The Senate

The Senate exists for the active French population to voice their opinions on all proposals. All proposals that change how France operates in one form or another must go through the Senate. There are frequent votes held by the Senate on proposals as these are an excellent way of seeing what Senators think of the proposal as a whole. It is also the Senate's responsibility for electing new French Ministers each month. There are other, minor purposes of the Senate, but these are the main ones.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for all miscellaneous affairs such as transport, infrastructure, claim plans, committees, the wilderness restoration program and everything between. Anyone is permitted to work under the Minister of Internal Affairs as they please.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for foreign relations, upkeep of the blacklist and appointing roles. Anyone can request to work in the Foreign Ministry provided they are approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs first.

The Ministry of Economics

The Ministry of Economics is responsible for all things Economy and Gold. This includes the management of the Treasury, the selling of properties within France, the Paris Marketplace and managing any Taxes which are introduced, be it individual citizens, towns, shops and everything between.

The Ministry of Military Affairs

The Ministry of Military Affairs is responsible for managing everything to do with the French Armed Forces. To work under the Minister of Military Affairs during peacetime, citizens must first enlist, where their application is reviewed by the Minister themselves.

Below this point has not yet been updated by the French Government


:Englishflag.jpg English France's history can be broken down into five distinct periods. The initial creation by Terra, then the short time James held the nation while election took place, Caeso's first reign, Someone_Better's France, then Caeso's second reign until Caeso stepped down and Optimus_Trajan took the throne.

:French.png French: L'histoire de la France peut se diviser en cinq périodes distinctes. La création initiale par Terra, suivi par la courte période ou James a dirigé la nation dans l'attente de nouvelles élections, le premier règne de Caeso, puis la période du roi Someone_Better, et enfin, le second règne de Caeso jusqu'à que ce dernier laisse le trone à Optimus_Trajan.

Emperor MLGTerra (10/28/18 - 11/22/2018)

Terra was the founder of France. He made the nation during the early access period of TN. Before TN was released Terra began recruiting classic players to join and make towns for France. During the first few days of TN release, Terra helped form and finance many towns such as Lyon, Geneva, Caen, Toures. Terra ruled as a monarch but began to face unrest and calls for democracy. A high council of influential players was put into place to relieve the tension. Additionally, the towns of Bern, Geneva, and Zurich began to prepare to form Switzerland. Placeholder

Emperor Caeso First Term (11/22/2018 - 12/22/18)

When Terra left he passed the nation down to James and amidst unrest James put together an election. Caeso and GeneralRhombus helped James put together the election. Caeso, GeneralRhombus, Asher, .fter an initial round of voting Caeso and Rhombus were selected as the finalist and Caeso would beat out Rhombus to become the new king. Additionally ,d ring this time Vwon and Mustache began fighting with 32Gold. Caeso's main goal was to keep France together. Towns from all over France were talking about leaving as it seemed the nation may fall apart.

Under his term the French Subway was built (later abandoned and demolished due to a better alternative). He also had the first French marketplace constructed by Someone_better in Paris for various players in France to sell their merchandise. Chest shops was in constant change at the time so it wasn't as effective as it could've been.

King SB (12/22/18 - 03/22/19)

Caeso went to America to create a French colony, leaving SB in charge while he was away.

Under his term the ice roads were constructed, this is evident due to the discussion of ice roads dating back to his time in office in the French discord.

Emperor Caeso Second Term (03/22/19 - 05/10/19)

Only 3 months later, Caeso returned from the unsuccessful American colony to France, where leadership was handed back to him by SB.

Emperor Trajan (05/10/19 - 01/06/2020)

Caeso became busy with personal stuff and so passed on the crown to the then-treasurer Optimus_Trajan, resulting in Trajan becoming the second Emperor of France. During the beginning of Trajan's reign, EarthMC was undergoing great demographic changes as part of the start of the Flooding era . During this period, France experienced a boom as incredible architectural structures such as the Palace of Versailles and Capitolium were constructed. France also experienced incredible economic growth through the renovation of Paris and subsequent creation of the French marketplace, as well as the implementation of a tax to help fund the growing state.

In the realm of politics, France began to secure the metropolitan area of France and grew its borders out to the river Rhine, northwest Italy, Switzerland and parts of Belgium and the Netherlands. Beginning with the collapse of the Roman Empire due in part to the French-Spanish ultimatum, France was able to gain a strategic foothold in Italy and eventually recover the city of Lyon, which had previously been occupied under the name Lugdunum. Similarly, following the dissolution of Perpignan, France was able to regain control over much of its Mediterranean border which had been lost for nearly a year,. France saw the formation of the Netherlands, the Principality of Monaco and Southpole. Ice roads were slowly moved underground, and the formation of various, now prominent, towns such as Nice, Bitche, and Beaufort along with further development and reconstruction of other towns such as Saint-Brieuc, Toulouse, Nantes, Montlucon and Monaco occurred. Changes also came to tOn the he regional structure, creating independent regions governed by a noble to aid in governing and maintaining France's growing territory.

King Cactus

King SB

MegaliMan Regency

Europa Pact War

On September 7th, 2021, the Europa Pact declared war on France, starting the Europa-France War. The declaration of war was impulsed by border violations from France on foreing claims.

The Europa Pact has voted to delcare war on France due to their many border violations on their ally's lands. For months have we tried to diplomatically restore the agreed on French-German border, but were met with even more violating towns such as in GRE and Spain. Our "ally" has been pretending to be our enemy for way too long, it is time to do the same.

—Erwinning, EarthMC Live.

The same day, MegaliMan, the King of France, sent a response on the France Discord declaring that the war didn't mean anything.

The time has come for France to pursue her own destiny, forge her own alliances, and secure her own place in the world. France is now freed from the shackles of the Europa Pact, their alliance a tomb built to encase us in our time of shame, from which we emerge liberated, unbound by their treaties designed to keep us down. They may think that their declarations of war mean anything, but we have all seen that the Europa Pact is a dysfunctional organisation incapable of nothing more than empty threats and unfulfilled ultimatums.

—MegaliMan, France Discord.

Megaliman also anounced the temporal end of the French Civil War, ending with the alliance of France and Francia to fight the Europa Pact. However, on September 17th, Francia declared that they never were allies and that they would side with the Europa Pact on the war.


Map of all French Iceroad Connections.

France is one of the most developed nations on EarthMC, and its transportation network certainly reflects this fact. It has a relatively large and dense ice road network, boasting multiple interlinked highways which can transport players quickly and easily from town to town, and if need be, as far as South Africa and Eastern Europe. Within its extensive network are over 20 towns, 22 operational stations, and 18 unique ice road lines. The success of France's ice roads is apparent as it enables unparalleled ease of transport, helps to facilitate important exchanges of commerce and allows rapid deployment of French troops throughout France and beyond. Its usefulness has inspired many similar ice road networks across the server and constantly attracts many new players to the nation.

Now The Ice Roads became underground, to connect cities even faster. But the aerial network is still owned by the private road company BBK Road


:Englishflag.jpg English The French military is known as The Grande Armée and is made up primarily by a militia force of all French citizens, making it a formidably large force. Soldiers of the French Army are required to supply their own arms and equipment, and in battle, it is mandatory that each soldier carry a shield with the French Tricolor so that they may be readily identified. Soldiers of the French army are primarily tasked with the defense of the nation, fighting raiders, and other bandits, and protecting fellow citizens, however, whenever a conflict arises that requires military action, the French army will be mobilized on the offensive. The President of France is the commander in chief of the army.

:French.png French L'armée française plus connue sous le nom de la La Grande Armée, est principalement formée par les citoyens français, cela est fait une formidable importante force. Les soldats du pays de la langue de molière sont équipés par leurs propres armes et équipements qu'ils sont priés d'amener eux-mêmes, et durant la bataille il est obliagatoire que chaque soldat ait le bouclier tricolore, cela est capital pour faciliter leur identification. les soldats de l'armée du pays des droits de l'homme a comme tâche première de défendre la nation, combattre les raides provoqués par des personnes, ou nations à la moralitée décadante et de protéger les citoyens. Au besoin, l'armée peut également être utilisée pour des actions offensives, face à des pays concurrents par exemple. Le chef actuel de la Grande Armée est 32Benja, mais le roi Baravaux, en sa qualitée de monarque, en est le commandant en chef.


France has 9 regions, each lead by a noble in a regional capital. The classification given to a region depends according to their size, in total amount of claims. Under 300 claims, the region is classed as a 'County' ; under 500 claims, the region is classed as a 'Duchy', and from 500 claims, the region is classed as a 'Grand Duchy'. No precise regional borders are defined : the only case where a precise regional border is existing, is along the limit between two touching cities from different regions. An administrative region exists as long as a Noble nominated by the King of France is a mayor of a city in this region. Without any Noble to guide the region, the region is split between the neighboring ones by an agreement of all the concerned Noble and the King of France.

Existing regions are as follows:

  • The Grand Duchy of Isle-de-France -
  • The Grand Duchy of Provence -
  • The Grand Duchy of Aquitaine -
  • The Duchy of Alsace-Lorraine -
  • The Duchy of Anjou -
  • The Duchy of Brittany -
  • The Duchy of Occitania -
  • The County of Burgundy -
  • The County of Belgium -


France, like its real-life counterpart, is a popular tourist destination for travelers in EarthMC due to its beautiful architecture, charming towns, famous sights, and overall peaceful nature. Many places of interests are clustered in picturesque towns such as Paris or Nice. Some of the most popular tourist attractions are:

  • Eiffel Tower, Paris

    Eiffel Tower

  • Versailles, Paris
  • Palace of Savoy, Nice
  • Cathedral Notre Dame, Paris
  • Massena Plaza, Nice
  • Monaco-Ville, Monaco
  • Beach of Angels, Nice

    Beach of Angels

  • Brest Cathedral, Brest
  • Montlucon Town Hall, Montlucon
  • Nantes Gardens and Cathedral, Nantes
  • Cathedral Sainte-Reparate, Nice
  • Cathedral Saint-Brieuc, Saint-Brieuc
  • Great Tower of Bitche, Bitche
  • The Citadel Tower, Montlucon
  • La Capitolium, Toulouse

Prince's Palace of Monaco


Brest Cathedral

Palace of Versailles

Nantes Gardens and Cathedral

Palace of Savoy

Notre Dame Cathedral

Tower of Bitche

Cathedral Sainte-Reparate

Cathedral Saint-Brieuc

La Capitolium


Coat of Arms







18 Juillet 2020


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