FranchuFranchu is an EarthMC player who belongs to the nation Argentina. He builds ice roads, is bad at PVP, and is the town mayor of SantaCruz_Sierra, a town in eastern Incan Empire (formerly Bolivia).


FranchuFranchu spawned at Brazil, near the coast. He sailed to Montevideo (in La_Plata). He asked the town mayor, who was Dam_Son at the moment, to invite him. Montevideo was a all-residents-build-everywhere town, so he contributed by making a few buildings according to the town plan, which was on the nation Discord. After a while Dam_Son left, leaving JonTheBooty, who was the previous town mayor, as the owner of the town. JonTheBooty wasn't very active.

Valdes penisula war


On June 15th, ishallownyou and other players founded Nuovo_Palermo near La_Plata's territory. This angered La_Plata's town mayors, who declared war on them. FranchuFranchu offered himself to be the town mayor of a town (Puerto_Madryn) near Nuovo_Palermo in order to have a base for the war. He and La_Plata's army created and built the town.


Then came the battle. Argentina's army assembled and marched to the town. No enemies showed up, so the soldiers left the game one by one. Then, when the army was small, the enemies joined and they were crushed. FranchuFranchu was also witness of one of the enemies killing the horses of a nearby La_Platan town.


La_Plata had to admit defeat. Peace deals were made, and FranchuFranchu had to sell the town for 128 gold. He already knew what to do with it.

Founding of his town

FranchuFranchu decided to do a town the furthest north possible but inside the range of Buenos_Aires. He founded SantaCruz_Sierra with his gold, and made small buildings and a storage room inspired by Montevideo's.

Late history


At some time after this, a town called Pirates joined La_Plata. It was a ship town which built boats near Buenos Aires' coast. You can still see what's left of it today. The town was rather nice, but then the mayor scammed someone. His town was sieged, and FranchuFranchu just went there to watch. He was killed a few times in the process

Ice roads

Near August, FranchuFranchu started making ice roads. He first made the SantaCruz_Sierra to Resistencia ice road. After he finished, he did SantaCruz_Sierra to Arica. After this, he tried to connect Montecarlo with New_Spain, but was killed by runnerboy. Then he tried to connect Montecarlo with Bogota, and he succeded.


FranchuFranchu hasn't been in a lot of towns

  • Montevideo First town. FranchuFranchu left it for the war.
  • Puerto_Madryn This town acted as a war base. Was sold afterwards.
  • SantaCruz_Sierra Current town, has many ice roads connecting to it.
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