The Frankfurt Skirmish

On 22/06/19, a player called Cleanthes joined the server. Later the same day he joined Far_Alexandria, the capitol of Bactria. The mayor, Mining_Tza gave him basic starting gear and explained the premise of the server. Cleanthes appeared to be friendly and kept up limited conversation in the nationchat. This however was a ruse, as he was secretely griefing various floors and staircases of the city. At one point laying waste to an entire chunk with the same tools he received as charity from the mayor.

Upon noticing some grief and seeing Cleanthes near it on the map, Mining_Tzar went over to the griefer to check up on him, and upon catching him in the act, promptly kicked him from the town and killed him. It should also be added that Mihailovich, a moderator was present in the city, witnessing the entire dilemma. However as he was a new mod, he could do nothing to stop the griefer.

Upon dying several times and coming back to grief the town, Cleanthes joined a town in the Rhine Confederation and left. The grief was then repaired by Fantastic_Fox, a senior mod. Mining_Tzar however, furious at seeing unprovoked grief decided to seek vengeance on Cleanthes in Frankfurt.

Mining_Tzar first contacted the mayor, warning him of the dangers of his new citizens. These pleas were ignored. He then proceeded to stand outside of claims, pretending to be afk as to catch Cleanthes off guard. This worked, however the mayor of the town, DanielPoli would aid the griefer in the fight even though we was told that this was strictly personal. This cycle continued, with Cleanthes dying several times and DanielPoli retreating back to claims every time. Mining Tzar eventually marched out of Frankfurt, destroyed the Second Statue of Unity as revenge and left.

The next day Cleanthes would help BlockForcer with the town for a few hours and donate a few gold. Unexpectedly Cleanthes would block BlockForcer, leave the town and discord, as well as change his Minecraft account name. But this didn't fool BlockForcer and found out who he was. Kommunism4Kinder had, while BlockForcer was afk, left the town, teleported to Crimea and went to an old monument / settlement. This would be the last time BlockForcer and Kommunism4Kinder would ever meet.

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