The Freeman Arctic Station is a scientific settlement located in central Antarctica led by Max094_Reikeb after being ceded by his founder and main builder ESPFORCE.


The settlement was founded in 03/01/2019 (1st of March).

Freedom Plaza initial construction extended from the 10th to the 16th of March and has become the main reception into the base, it is connected to the projected Freeman Tower, wich is still under construction.

Since the 22th of March the settlement has been investing a lot of resources on a stone road connecting the near allied Odyssey base with Freeman Station. This road, wich endures through the hills of Antarctica, shall be known as the First Hills Road.

The settlement was abandoned by ESPFORCE on July 30th 2019 after he decided to move to the island of Menorca, in the Mediterranean Sea, where he has found the city of Real Ciudadela.

Buildings / Infrastructure:

  • Freeman Tower (Top unfinished)
  • Freedom Plaza
  • First Hills Road
    2019-05-08 17.00.51
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