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Freiberg was a town in North Bohemia founded by ninja_bzh on the ruins of Karlory Vary and it was the capital of Saxony.

Freiberg is now a part of the town of Prague in Austria.

Brief History

The town of Freiberg was first founded on the day of 1/11/2019 by the player ninja_bzh. It was originally named Merseburg, and continued to grow until being renamed to Sadov the town of Freiberg was expanding fast at that time and it aslo got connected to Prague and other czech towns with roads. And once it joined the Kingdom of the Rhineland (after being in czechoslovakia), it was renamed to Freiberg on the 10/12/2019, although not all welcomed the change especially the Czechoslovakian leaders such as Probatski.

Freiberg was created on the ruins of the old fallen town of KarloryVary a very old town in Earth Mc.

If you want to know the full story, ask ninja_bzh or Chnapak.

Nation History

Czechoslovakia > Rhineland > (Considering re-joining Czechia) > Saxony (Germany Duchy) > Austria


Belligerents :

Rhineland : ninja_bzh, Bridge_Raider, Debilek_Osky, NicoletsplayYT, ratking19

Czechoslovakia : Chnapak, Last Honour, Earwindy? (non visible username)

Resume :

Tensions caused by the fact that Freiberg joined Rhineland and left Czechoslovakia where high and a pvp fight and griefing happened to both Freiberg and Prague, with the help of Bridge_Raider, Debilek_Osky,NicoletsplayYT and ratking19, the residents of Czechoslovakia where getting killed and the wilderness around Prague was griefed resulting in a 24 hours ban of Bridge_Raider, later the tensions between the players stopped with the help of the Rhineland leaders.


Merseburg (Freiberg) under Czechoslovakia in late 2019.

ninja_bzh and 2 citizens in front of an house.

Rhinelanders and ratking19 in front of czechoslovakian players.


Czechoslovakian player observing