French Guyana
Coat of Arms
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National Information
Full Name Independent Territories of French Guyana
National Anthem Gloire immortelle de nos aïeux
Name in Towny French_Guyana
Motto Individual Liberty , Civic Equality , National Fraternity
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Capital City Cayenne
Largest City Cayenne
Oldest City New Nickerie
Established June 4th, 2019
Government Information
Leader Tanou69
Prime Minister R_one222
Political System Oligarchy
Economic System Gold Icon Laissez-faire Capitalist
Official Language French French

Englishflag English

Official Religion Catholic
Army Size Classified
Part of Gallegos Pact
Historical Information
Past Leaders Icicalities, Boonyy
Past Capitals Georgetown alias New Nickerie

  • French Guyana, formerly known as Guyana is a nation in South America with it's capital being Cayenne. The country was founded on June 4th, 2019 by Icicalities and labazZz with the capital initially being Georgetown alias New Nickerie our days (formerly New Georgetown and Niew Nickery) and the town of Lelydorp joining the nation later that day. Guyana was a protectorate of Imperium Polaris, and was the empire's largest territory outside of Antarctica.


Guyana was established on June 4th, 2019.

Icicalities’ Rule as Interim President, Establishment Era (June 4th to June 27th)-

Icicalities became interim president until the population was ready for real, legitimate elections. Under Icicalities’ rule the capital, Georgetown has thrived. On June 18th, Guyana, along with Glacial EmpireKingdom of EllsworthVictoria, and Alberta, formed Imperium Polaris.

Icicalities' Rule as Official Princeps, Reformation Era (June 28th to March 8th)-

Icicalities, as the leader of Guyana, decided that Georgetown needed to expand power and become a larger influence in South America. The nations of Imperium Polaris have been assisting Guyana with the development of the capital of Georgetown.

Boonyy Rules as Official Leader, Reformation Era (March 8th to April 18th)-

Boonyy, came to be the leader of Guyana by buying his place in the government, then decided that Georgetown needed a rename and changed it to New Nickerie and tried to make Guyana great again by joining the Gallegos pact, on the 20th march the fresh town of Urucara joined the Guyana, a few times after on the 26th march, a war has started between The Gallegos Pact and Venezuela which ended 3 days after.They after became a province of Qing Empire and so left behind them the past. A few times after this event on the 1st April, a new city named Cayenne is founded by R_one222, Tanou69 and a squad of french people. Thoses people founded a week after the town of Kourou.This is the start of the French Uprising inside of Guyana. On the 18 of April, Tanou69 and his cabinet made a coup d'état and took control of the whole Guyana.

Tanou69 and his cabinet lead French Guyana, French Uprising Era (April 18th to present)-

Tanou69, the day after taking control of the whole Guyana renamed it to French Guyana, changed it's flag, its motto was changed from "One Nation, One People, One Destiny" to "Individual Liberty, Civic Equality, National Fraternity." Tanou69's party named National-Liberal party came to be the one and only ruling party in French Guyana, the elections abolished and the capital was moved to Cayenne, town in which he became mayor by the same time. A few days after, they started heavly developping Cayenne to make it worthy of being the capital of this "brand new" nation.


French Guyana is a peaceful nation and tries to stay out of confrontations with other nations while trying to maintain an absolute control on his colonies 

Allies and Enemies


Gallegos Pact 

  • Trinidad
  • Haiti
  • Patagonia
  • Cuba
  • Inca
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • New Granada
  • Nicaragua


  • None ( for the moment (¬‿¬) )



Guyana shares ties to Ellsworth as two of the founding members of Guyana originated from the town of Icicalia (now Roanoke) in Ellsworth.

Nueva Espana

Guyana is within close proximity of Nueva Espana and there have been some very minor disputes about boundaries and the ownership of the name of 'Georgetown'

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