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FuzeCity was a town created by FuzeIII. FuzeCity is the capital of Queensland.

FuzeCity was the oldest town of the Queensland. It was the center of many raids performed by The Coalition and as a result it could be classed as a warzone.

Official Banner of FuzeCity.

Travel Information

  • Attempting to enter FuzeCity through walking or ice railway is highly discouraged and all travel should be avoided. FuzeCity is often the centre of many raids by The Coalition against the Queenslandian regime and any travellers near FuzeCity could be mistakenly killed (but PvP is disabled). Additionaly, there are numerous TNT and lava traps situated near FuzeCity so best advice is to avoid travelling to FuzeCity by foot. Travelling to FuzeCity through /n spawn has become safer due to the removal of its spawn trap .
    • However, if you do not try to get into the main building (in the center of the city) there is no problem because FuzeIII has personally developed 2 traps there so do not be fooled if you see the main base open. The first trap is a hole where the player will fall to his demise where a dropper will take their items. The second trap is a lava trap: Fuze first lock a player in the entrance of his base then he activate the trap: You can't survive .
    • There are also many shops with a lot of different stuff on sale.
    • There is also the embassy of the Godthab.

FuzeIII leaves

This town immediately ceased to matter, as FuzeIII being a youtuber was the only reason why the town got popular, today, the town is home to less people than it used to, and many of the people are dead french accounts who stopped playing because Fuze-sama wasn't there to record them trying to spawntrap and buying mediocre houses for 115g (that was seriously the prices.)

On the 16th of October 2020, the town fell due to inactivity, causing server wide celebration, and large pvp battles and raids over the ruins.


FuzeCity is in the Southwest of the biggest part of Queensland. Between the Eyran city of Celestown and the New Hollandese city of FortEmu.

Map of Australia by KOALA NET21, August 5, 2019