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Galiza is a town located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is based on the autonomous region of Galicia, Spain. In-game, it is also a part of the nation of Spain. It was started by ClayonMC on the 2nd of January of 2019 but fell into inactivity due to its members leaving the server. During its flourishing period, it reached 10 residents. It is currently resurging as a result of the arrival of a new player, Adrivv15, and the comeback of ClayonMC and Juanchi20. They formed a troika to govern the town.


The History of the town of Galiza can be divided into three sections

Creation and flourishing

Initial period

The town was founded on the 2nd of January of 2019 by ClayonMC. He was helped by Juanchi20, one of his friends. The town began small but quickly started to grow.


As it grew bigger and bigger, more and more residents came to live in the town. The population peaked at around 10 residents. Lots of buildings were being built and the town was flourishing. It should be noted that the town had a conflict with the now disappeared town Hadenburg regarding claim blocking.

Fallen Galiza, inactivity period

The decline of a flourishing town

All great things come to an end and this period of glory started to vanish due to the residents slowly stopping to play on the server.

Total inactivity

Eventually, the mayor was left alone and he decided to stop playing on the server too. The only town activity during this period consisted of him reconnecting every once in a while so that the town didn't fall.

Rexurdimento (The resurgence)

This period, the Rexurdimento, takes its name from a cultural and literary movement that revived Galician language and culture in the 19th century, whose main figures were Rosalía de Castro, Curros Enríquez e Eduardo Pondal.

The revival of a town

A new player, Adrivv15, arrived at the town and managed to get the mayor back to the server via Discord. They are currently trying to bring the town to its former glory. Later, Juanchi20 will also come back to the server. A renewal of the outdated buildings of the town and a path project were started.

The Troika Period

After they had some discrepancies over how to manage the town, they (ClayonMC, Adrivv15 and Juanchi20) decided to form a troika where they should negotiate when wanting to do something important in the town.

Main Buildings and Subdivisions

Due to the large number of chunks owned by the town, it has a lot of free space and some interesting buildings, that include:

Igrexa de San Pelaio (Church of Saint Pelagius)
2020-03-06 00.07.36

This Church is dedicated to Saint Pelaio (also know as San Paio), a martyr that was born in Creciente, Galicia in 911 and killed during the emirate of Abdurrahman III (Cordoba, 925). He was canonized by the catholic church as a symbol of youth chastity and his Festivity Day is the 26th of June. The in-game building contains a level 30 enchanting table.

2020-03-06 00.08.34

The Wall of the Fallen

This Wall is currently being completed. It encircles some of the main buildings of the town, such as the Blaze Farm, the town's spawn or the mayor's home.

Plaza Maior of Galiza (The Main Square)
2020-03-06 00.09.34

This Plaza is inside the Wall of the Fallen. It has two fountains at the center that create a 2-block-wide path to the mayor's home. To the left, a blaze farm totaling 4 spawners. To the right, the town's spawn, which contains a map of the town, its flag, the rules and an ender chest. It is primarily built with stone bricks, glowstone and oak wood.

2020-03-06 00.11.38
Castelo Suevo (Suebi Castle)

This building pays tribute to the occupation of Galicia by the Suebi people from 409 to 585, creating the first medieval kingdom in Europe, occupying the land of the Roman Empire even before its fall. It is built out of cobblestone and can be easily spotted on the Earth MC dynamic map.

The Coruña Plantations
2020-03-06 00.13.32
2020-03-06 00.16.26

This is a large plain (more than 10 chunks) dedicated almost exclusively to the production of wheat, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, melons, cocoa beans, sugar cane and kelp. It takes its name for being located where the real-life Coruña is, one of the most important cities of Galicia (with a population of almost 250,000 people). It also has a cobblestone crop storage facility, a small wooden outpost and a stone brick bridge that leads to a small square with glowstone street lamps.

2020-03-06 00.16.52

The Public mines of Galiza

This is a small building with a stone brick entrance that is used to access the Public mines of Galiza. It contains two furnaces and two crafting tables for everyone to use.

Resident Plots
2020-03-06 00.18.06

This is just an example of the plots of two residents. In this case, the left one belongs to Adrivv15 and the right one, to ClayonMC. They are located in the north-east of the town.

Notable People

Some of the most important players for the history of the town are:

  • ClayonMC, mayor and founder of the town
  • Juanchi20, which can also be considered a founder of the town, since he started it with Clayon.
  • Adrivv15, vice-mayor of the town, vital for its resurgence.


The town of Galiza hasn't always belonged to the nation of Spain. There was a small period of time where it joined Portugal but quickly went back to Spain. Nevertheless, it has lived a quiet and relaxing life (diplomatically speaking). The only conflict was with a town called Hadenburg that claimed blocked the town's north-west. This conflict was during the flourishing period but since that, the town has now fallen due to inactivity.

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