"Valley of opportunity"
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Gallegos is a beautiful town located in South America, almost southernmost town.

For 1.09.19, there are 5 players that live in this town.


It belongs to Patagonia nation and it is the capital of Patagonia, the mighty nation that has a lot of allies. Gallegos is the largest city in the whole nation.


There are a lot of buildings and it has a wharf that always have a boat near it. It has a big unfinished road that is made out of black concrete.

To south of Gallegos, there is a really big and beautiful bridge made out of leaves, wood and cobblestone. It is 60 blocks long and it connects the main part of South American continent and Tierra del Fuego island

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Borders and allies.

There is a long railway between the town called Ushuaia and Gallegos. In the future, this huge railway would also go to Calafate.


  • For 01.09.19, Gallegos has only 87 chunks in it.
  • To the south of Gallegos, in the Atlantic Ocean, there are 4 lighthouses that are built by unknown person.
  • As the town was created, it was the southernmost town in the South America. But now it takes 4th place, yet it is still the southernmost town not including Tierra Del Fuego island (in Continental South America)
  • Jonessborg and Primavera are former name of Gallegos.

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