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Germany, also known as the original German Empire, is a country in Central and Western Europe. It was

officially formed on paper after the announcement of German Unification on the 13th of January 2020 between the regent of the French realm 32Benja and the mayor of Ulm, Heinikin34. Heinikin34 was thereafter crowned as the Kaiser of Germany. It is a nation based on the in-real-life German Empire that existed from 1871~1919, and as such, its political system and economic system have huge similarities, such as the existence of the Reichstag (Imperial Diet).



On the 6th of January, the former Kaiser of the German Empire, Frederick III re-emerged on discord and accused AurelianCraft of stealing the throne and that he had been stripped of his successor title. This began the Imperial German Civil War, which was mostly battles in discord, but some physical battles are starting to take place. Sometime later on the 13th of January, Almost all towns of the German Empire left the inactive nation for Germany.

Heinikin34's Regime

Heinikin34 rose to prominence within the German Empire after his town, Ulm, became the largest German Imperial possession in Southern Germany and Aurelian crowned him the King of Bavaria for his achievements. He did a lot for the German Empire and for his services Frederick III nominated him as the true Kronprinz with Kranzy of Hannover being his successor. With the announcement of German Unification and the relocation of the capital city to Ulm, Heinikin34 and Kranzy worked together to make Germany a truly great nation. Most (not all) towns flocked to the Empire of Germany and German colonies in the form of colonial nations are being reformed.

The Betrayal and rise of BamBam

On the 21st of April, Kranzy banned Heinikin34 from the German discord, BamBam immediately worked with Heinikin creating a completely new discord for Germany, naming Kranzy as a traitor. Soon after, Kranzy was removed as both Kronzprinz and Kanzler, for Kronprinz, JustNinja02 was appointed, and for Kanzler, BamBam was elected as the first elected Kanzler of post-revolution Germany.

Imperial ambitions and War with Poland

Soon after BamBam was elected, BamBam declared war upon Poland under the justification of continous threats and claiming of land that Germany did too, they were quickly joined in the war by their allies Austria and the Rio Grande, fighting many large battles. The expansion of Germany was not only set in Poland though, and multiple nations like Switzerland, Nyasa and Congo (Nyasa and Congo combined as Mittelafrika) all joined Germany as Kingdoms and colonies.


The Empire of Germany preserved its political structure from the German Empire, with a Kaiser being the official leader of the nation, and a Reichstag and Reichskanzler to assist the Kaiser in his decisions. As of now, the position of Reichskanzler is held by BamBam of Cologne. Leaders of colonial nations are granted the title of König (King). Each mayor of the Empire of Germany has a Senatorenen (Senators) position and they can vote on things in the Reichstag.


The military of the Empire of Germany is known as the Deutsches Heer. The military is currently led by (fill in), the Minister of War as appointed by (fill in)

German Realm

The German Empire has various different client and collaborative government states mostly across Greater Germany.


Germany is allied with the following nations:

- Austria (Central Powers)

- Terra Mariana (Central Powers)

- Rio Grande (Direct)

- Canadian Empire (Direct)

- Netherlands (As a Kingdom)

- Dania (As a Kingdom)

- Switzerland (As a Kingdom)

- Belgium (As a Kingdom)

- Nyasa and Congo / Mittelafrika (As a Colony)


Germany is at war with the following nations :

- Poland

- the American Union (Not a nation, an alliance)

- German Empire

- Ancient Egypt

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