Nation: Turkey

Citizens: 3

Location: Northern Turkey, Black Sea Region (6834,-7724)

Giresun is a city of Turkey, which has been a part of Seljuks and Ottomans before. Giresun is located in the Black Sea region with a perfect scene. It is possible to see the Turkish and other nations' cultures and the architectures in the city.

Giresun was established by RIFATCAN14 who is also the current mayor of the city, it was also mostly built, developed and became a city. There are also 2 other important people that helped a lot to make the city a better place. They are Emrasman (Emir) and LastWorldTR (Mert), you can easily find some buildings that are built by them.

In Giresun, there are lots of buildings such as "The Mosque" of Giresun and "The G wall" which has a beautiful Turkish flag that hangs under it. The city of Giresun also has an arena and a mansion.

Besides all these things, Giresun is the first city that connected two Turkish cities to each other by subway in the special engineering of Giresun's people. After the first step of Subway other cities helped building it and today all cities of Turkey are connected with each other by subway.

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