The Global Seed Vault was a landmark located in Svalbard.


The building's facade leads into a large hallway, which turns into another hallway containing two "bio-rooms" at the left side. Underneath the building, there exist two farms and a medium-sized storage system, which isn't nearly as ornate as the surface. It is based upon the real Global Seed Vault in Spitsbergen.


Early History

The Global Seed Vault was constructed during the era of Old Svalbard, around Spring of 2019. Following the nation's collapse prior to June of that year, the vault was left untouched due to the archipelago's extremely low population.

Unclaimed Period

The GSV was kept unharmed for most of the Unclaimed Period of Svalbard. The city of Longyearbyen, which would eventually reform the nation, was founded nearby in October of 2019. The building received nearly no activity during this period, but was acknowledged by neighboring city-states and received 2 noteworthy visitors. These were Triple_999 ("Tsar"), the mayor of Gayville, and, more notably, Riftal, the King of Finland and Lord of Jyväskylä, both of whom lived in the nearby town of Baxswell Bay at the time. It is possible there were additional visitors, but any records of their existence have been destroyed by pillaging.

History Following the Foundation of Svalbard

The GSV received an additional visitor one month after Svalbard was refounded, the newbie NinouTitou. Their only action during their time on the server was to add redstone, and declare themselves a secretary. According to Riftal, the GSV remained in pristine condition at least until November of 2019. After 8 months of remaining intact, sadly, the GSV has been critically damaged after being linked to Longyearbyen by road, which has caused a flood of griefers to loot the unprotected structure.


The first hallway of the GSV before being destroyed


After an appeal was made by the mayor of Kantbyen to restore the structure, King Thundorlord made some emergency repairs. Sadly, this wasn't sufficient to save the building, which fully fell into ruin around January of 2020.


The Global Seed Vault in ruins

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