GoldenDice (Also known as Bro), is a Sasketchewan Citizen who joined the nation after exploring the world from the Sredinny Range all the way to Alaska (East to West) before deciding to settle on the northern coast of Reindeer Lake founding the town of Alfred in honor of her brother who died late in 2019 after introducing Dice to the server and exploring portions of it with her.

Approached by user 268 of Bearskin Lake, GoldenDice accepted an invitation to the town and was given funding for their own town in exchange for loyalty and aid to the rapidly expanding nation.


In mid-2019 GoldenDice joined the server and set to exploring as much of the world as possible from their spawn point in Siberia with the hopes of joining the nation of Scotland. Finding the nation in ruins, and with the advice of her brother and close friend MilesEpidemic set out for the new world to find a less crowded plot of land.

Crossing the Atlantic in fall of 2019, GoldenDice explored the Americas, mostly focusing in Virginia before deciding that Canada or Cascadia would be the best options for a town. Crossing northwards of the Great Lakes, her brother passed away in December, causing pause from server activity.

Spending this time to brush up on the history of the world and looking over the satelite map GoldenDice found a suitable location and on the way to scout this location was murdered north of Northwest Co in a compound. Upon respawning Dice headed in the direction of the satelite scouted town and was engaged by user 268, a founder of the land. Accepting an invitation to join their town of Bearskin Lake, she was funded to create the town of Alfred, in honor of her deceased brother.

Shortly after the creation of Alfred on Febuary 13th, 2020 Goldendice was attacked by a user who shortly after Dice received support from Rupert's Land military was seen on the map to be in Neu_Berlin.

On 2/30/2020 Goldendice joined the newly independent nation of Sasketchewan.

Sasketchewan joined the North American Union in early March, allowing Goldendice to aid the union during the waning days of the Nunavut conflict. In its aftermath, she was chosen as a supreme court justice and continues to work with her company of Diceworks to aid the towns in and around Canada.

Hes Town was a attacked by Coulr and has a hatred for him now.


GoldenDice has expressed interests in developing the lake as a whole to foster cooperation to preserve some of the natural beauty of the lake in question. Other interests include a centralized military, road system connecting the nation, advanced maps, and various others.

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