Grão-Pará, former Kingdom of Brazil and Confederation of Equator, is a nation  located on the eastern part of South America.

Grão-Pará is a dominion of Brazil.

Most residents are native brazilians. The main language is portuguese.


When founded by TwisterSelvagem, Confederation of Equador was a separatist nation from Brazil. Later it was renamed to Kingdom of Brazil and after the unification with Brazil, it was renamed to Grão-Pará.


Grão-Pará is entirely governed by Brazil, using the same laws and constitution.


The nation currently has 7 cities, these being:

Town Name Mayor Residents Claims Founded
Juazeiro Star.png Sou o A 2 32 November 1st, 2018 
Aracaju TeoPimenta 2 14 April 8th, 2019
Salvador Cafezinhu 10 115 January 17th, 2019
Imperatriz DasKapitalReaper 3 25 April 18th, 2019
Belem Pessoa123 3 6 April 16th, 2019
Recife Luke_Show 9 39 November 1st, 2018

Notable People

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Notable Cities
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Wars and Conflicts
Hindustani-Indian War  • Falkland War  • Battle for Rio  • First Brazilian Civil War  • Second Brazilian Civil War  • Estonian - Latvian War  • Switzerland Independence War
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