Graylynn Arvik (née Branson), Marchioness of Uppsala, Lady of Fjärding, is the American heiress daughter of Serena and Aarcon Branson. She married Linus Arvik who became Marquess of Uppsala and Lord Fjärding upon the foundation of Uppsala stad. Lady Fjärding has two sons, Sol, Tyr and one daughter, Ella her main focus has been music, politics and writing.


Early Life:

Born Graylynn Branson in Saint Augustine, she was the only daughter of the dry goods multi-millionaire, Aarcon and his wife Serena Branson,  Cora has a strained relationship with her mother due to conflicting values on marriage.


As a young woman, she was brought to London in for her first season by her socially ambitious mother, in order to marry a member of the British nobility. During the season she met Linus Warwick, Viscount Pembrooke. Much to Linus’s mother's chagrin, Graylynn became engaged to him.

After their marriage, the Warwick Family faced multiple issues from the backlash of the marriage between the two which led to the Last Piece of Warwick to cease existence, resulting in the remaining family members to escape their home in Britain and find a new home.

On the blue shaped water beds with radiant suns and dark willowing forest, the now called Arvik family had settled in the northern part of Uppland in Sweden, the family remained there until they eventually could found a new city which now is their current seat, Uppsala Stad.


Proud and superior. Graylynn Arvik is an aristocrat in every sense of the word. As sharp-tongued and often bitingly funny as she can be, though, Lady Fjärding cares deeply about her family and would do anything for her husband and children.


  • Uppsala Stad
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